Balance squad PLEASE! NORMADY

Administration, can you finally balance the squads of the Normandy mission? it’s already so pissing when 1 major in the squad plays all the time versus 5 majors etc and we only have bots who play it for the first time. Can you fucking stop giving silver to the allied army? You can spread it for new players to join different teams and missions. Regards pissed off player.

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The copium is strong with this one.


Normandy Allies is currently lacking player so it is not just the dev’s fault.

Devs can’t do anything regarding the lack of playerbase

But They can give more weapon to bot and upgrade their AI, for solve this


I thought bolties were good enough

No wen they keep use the same way all time

bolties are,

bots ones, not so much.

they still need more than 1 bullets to kill someone ( sometimes even up to 4/3 bullets )

Bot are still coded for miss shot

missing shots has nothing to do with the damage.

Sis how? Other miss shot i cant see now a bot need 4 bullet for kill someone

as someone who plays customs almost on a daily,

i see that even if they hit you, you still survive.

hence, them more bullets required EVEN if they hit if you are behind light cover. as you get hurt, but take 1/3rd of the actual damage.

and the last bullets can go to definitely kill you if the previous one didn’t killed you but putted you in the downed state. ( or vitality perk ).


usually it takes 2 to 3 shots because they still use unapgraded rifles.
( and 4 if behind cover to a point where they destroy the cover )

if we count missing shots, then they need at least 5 to 10 bullets.
( depending on range )

If I had to make players go for allies in normandy I’d make 101 airborne spawn in the sky on parashuts and allow them to shoot as they come down.

Oh please costum, remind me last time costum bot get update?


as they use current preset from MP.

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Tunisia costum bot use grease gun

using older weapons doesn’t mean damage and stuff hasn’t been applied.

they just use " primitive and underequpped " equipment.

that doesn’t mean the new changes aren’t applied on them.

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Yes please parachute down, please let me play duck hunt


Sis Tunisia costum bot still use normandy assaulter squad, so they are not update, moreover you say they nees 3/4 shot to kill like older starter BA

because rifles are not upgraded