Authors - update your mods!

Friends, this is an important message to all Enlisted custom mod authors.

In one of the upcoming major updates the game will be changed, which will require you to update your custom mods to ensure compatibility. In order to make this transition smooth, we have prepared in advance for your mods temporary compatibility simultaneously with the current and future versions of the game.

Authors, please update your mods to the future version that will be released in the next major update.

Adapt your mods

  1. Open the folder “userGameMods”, then the folder with the name of the mod and open scene.blk in any text editor.
  2. Find the line “door_mult_ent_generator” - this is where the outdated file paths are prescribed. In the “ri_extra_gen__blk” property change, for example, “e_stalingrad” to “enlisted”.

For example, this is what the old line looks like:


This is what the updated one should look like:


On some maps you also need to change the property in the “sound_effect_generator” object - “e_stalingrad” and similar, also to “enlisted”.

If your mission uses the modern tanks from the old April 1st event.

Line content/e_modern/gamedata/gen/… should be replaced with content/enlisted_extra/gamedata/gen/…

Adapt your mods

First way

  1. Start the mod in the mod editor.
  2. Remove all references to outdated effects in the logger.
  3. Add new effects in the game editor via Create Entity - Effects (basic environment effects are filtered by envir)
  4. Save the scene

Second way

  1. Find your mod in the proper folder (userGameMods)
  2. Replace all mentioned effects with new ones
  3. D:\dagor2\enlisted\prog\gameBase\content\common\gamedata\scenes\
  4. Make the effect matrix an identity matrix [[1, 0, 0] [0, 1, 0] [0, 0, 1] [leave your coordinates]]

It should be noted that scaling new effects can lead to unexpected results and visual artifacts, so they are divided into size categories (small, medium, big etc).

The matrix should be an identity matrix by default (i.e. filled with ones on the main diagonal and zeroes elsewhere), which will not lead to any transformations.


_template:t=“fire_bonfire_small_effect” // name of the template with the effect

transform:m=[[1, 0, 0] [0, 1, 0] [0, 0, 1] [-423.756, 9.26824, -1583.39]] // transform matrix, where the first 3 brackets transform scale, rotation, tilt etc., and the last are positioning. You need to convert the first 3 to the form [1, 0, 0] [0, 1, 0] [0, 0, 1]


  1. Save the file and check the results of the changes by running the mod

We appreciate your patience and the impressive mods you create for the entire Enlisted community!


So campaign removal quite soon?
Edit: Never mind.

Probably they just clean code.

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Nah, that’s months away. Probably some kind of optimization a preparation for campaign redesign.


Is next update about custom blk and custom templates?

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what are we supposed to do when for example i have chaged both the" ri_extra_gen__blk:t= " and " “ sound_effect_generator "

yet still crashes?

without telling me why?

like, i removed all the effects as asked, and yet still crashes.

yet, before the update were working fine.

so… essentially,

all you guys changed, were the effects and the level tags?

logs aren’t exactly clear to read nor it hasn’t really been explain what i should make of it.

If it crash because of this then it will prints about wrong blk file in these files. Something like blk not found in "path"

i’m not following.

btw, i have some older mods that i haven’t changed the tag, yet works without the changes.

i also tested both with the older tag and with the newer tag, but still crashes.

why in the hell that happens?

Its because devs didnt remove these files yet.
But will in next update or major.

What about new maps? They crashes? Do they have new path?

In theory you map May crash because of effects?

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right so, a few days ago i was working on my B&R mod, the ones that we had couple of issues in dms, and was working fine as i was placing bots for my pves or rather, attempts of pves.

yet, yesterday, with the new update,

it stopped completely from opening for no reason.

same goes for the other map that i made that you saw ( the one on gavutu ).

which, the gavutu one at least explained that my issues were tied to @9331497’s artillery. and most likely the cannon_at_[…] blk files has changed.

but then, despite me removing ALL effects, changing the tags, and what not according to this thread,

my mods still won’t open and crash instead.

so, i suspect devs changed something else and forgot to point out?.


Can you please sent both maps to private messages.
I want check it later, today.

About vehicles and weapons some their paths in properties too changed. Same with e_stalingrad, but now e_ww2_common should be changed to enlisted.

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devenddar, i do love you being helpfull and always willing to land a hand, really reccomandable.

but that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

i cant everytime expect and wait others to fix issues for me.

since… not to point fingers, but the new update brought those issues to me, i’d like to know the full changes of what not and stuff that have been made. so i can attempt to fix them on my own, rather than waste your time, for something else that someone else did.

not trying to be hostile.

but i’m getting tired of features and templates that were made all of a sudden to completely not work anymore. or my editor crashing for no reason and i have no clue why.

let alone the logs being completly on a different language to my understanding
( yet no guides on how to read them, what i should be looking for etc ).

but sure… i won’t turn down the help.

though, it’s not really beneficial for both of us.
( i mean, it is for me. but… you get what i’m trying to say )


I just wonder why developers can’t provide an automatic script to complete such work. It seems that some of us are confused by such changes


Such changes are already starting to annoy and the motivation to make more than one mod disappears. Something was added, something was removed, after major updates, all mods must be checked and corrected, otherwise they may not work and all this manually.


Use notepad++. Updating all mods to the new standard shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes that way

I use VS Code. It’s not difficult, but I’m just tired of it.


Are the squad profiles (.json) affected?

It shouldn’t.

that’s the keyword buddy.

" shouldn’t ".

yet i’m bashing my head on the monitor trying to figure out why nothing it’s working.

and yes, they are ( at least for me it did).

in the log, i managed to read that the sea event profiles are not working.

which, despite me cross checking and making sure stuff that previously the update used to worked,
i’m 100% sure that more stuff has changed and wasn’t mentioned.

just as an example, the sea predator event. and another case, the AT cannons. from content/e_ww2_common/gamedata/units/cannons/towed_at_pak40.blk
which now has become content/e_ww2_common/gamedata/units/tanks/towed_at_pak40.blk

no reasons, and no explanations. let alone actually making modders aware of this change.

i’m full on board with @81957529 sentiments.

There are authors who have more than 10+ mods. Either mods with modern armored vehicles, there you need to change two lines for each model, or go into the editor to remove the excess, leave the corrected model, clone, put it on a new one, turn on the vrom, check what works and check that everything works correctly in multiplayer. Now my text is already dizzy … And something with the effects needs to be changed or not changed …

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