At some point, that's not even funny

Ok, I know there is like 12 topics a day on this problem but for real :

This is like the 3rd match in a row where this happened
There is not even one human in front of us… it’s a pain to play on the axis side and it’s not even funny to play on the russian side


…? go on?

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Yeah I pressed enter too soon lmao

yes there is a influx of low skill players?

Ppl has the right to play the side they want, that’s all. Even myself only play Soviet in Berlin now

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I might be wrong but only 4 guys per squad with k98 Kriegsmodell ? Maybe they were all really new but that seem quite unlikely to happen

Obviously, I just think that it’s a shame to see this kind of game, which dissuades people from playing on the German side and which brings only easy victories for the Russians

Then you should ask @1942786 why they decide to add gold order T-50 and don’t give Panzer IVF1 HEAT

I like to play Berlin Axis but only because I love the MP43/1 and urban areas. However you should always be mentally prepared to get your butt wiped.

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Congratulations ! You were second best at pve.

Maybe bots should learn to build rally points.