AT halftracks?

could we please get some AT halftracks as a end all be all to counter tanks
as they would very easily be countered by with planes and infantry
and would only serve to either destroy tanks with high end AP rounds or fire HE rounds

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this would also solve the “grey zone” that some people have issues with


If using a tank cannot solve the grey zone problem, how could it solve it?

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All I can say is please be patient. ))))


pak 40 firing a a APCR round (Panzergranate 40 round) would easily go thought just about every tank in game
and a 57mm fiing a APDS would easily go though every tank in the game as well
the tanks dont get the top shelf ammo

My panther with 190mm pen can’t go through jumbo front armor , you think your sdkfz251/22 apcr with 182mm can get through against a slope armor?
Another thing, what campaign and level you want those thing to be implemented?

maybe if you hit the sided of the track well? cuz every experienced tanker angels the armor, or hit the slope on the top of the turret or just hit the transmission, and it did say just about every tank

it could be implemented on Normandy, Tunisian and Moscow
but for berlin and Stalingrad it would not be so good as both are more infantry focused

The top vehicle you are referring to su57 or T48 57 mm Gun Motor Carriage or both (since it is the same vehicle)?

both and for the british

There are no apds for 6 pounder in War Thunder currently, so it is doubtful if they will ever implement it.

better late then never

Normandy: pak40/3 against a jumbo slope armor using apcr round won’t have great
difference with normal round. T48 57 mm Gun Motor Carriage with better shell
may be handy for allies player.

Moscow: germany don’t have tank with heavy armor, sdkfz251/22 is produced on late 1944
Tunisia : germany don’t have tank with heavy armor,sdkfz251/22 is produced on late 1944

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OHH it cant pierce one tanks front armor OHH BAD IDEA is all im getting from you, it seems that you either want to enforce the “grey zone camping” (i have no issue with it) or you just don’t want interesting content added to the game

and this we already know that the devs care more about game content then being historically accurate and this still does not dispute the normandy

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It must be worth to use if it want to be added. If its at capability is same as normal tank why people would use it?

because its a halftrack that can kill tanks

Why people don’t use tank that have better armor if half track only have the same at performance .

I did say t48 57mm mortor carriage is worth adding

because this

M5A1 < PUMA , you have to have some skill to beat a puma with a m5a1
M4 < PZ4 this is alsomost a close call
JUMBO > PZ4H this is the only tank the allieds get that is better then german one on the same level
M10 < PANTHER you have to have some skill to beat a panther with a m10
M4 76MM < TIGER you have to have some skill to beat a tiger with a 76mm m4

so then lets add t48 and 251/9 on what they can do
t48 > puma
t48 > pz4
t48 > pz4h
t48 > panther
t48 > tiger

m5a1 < 251/9
m4 < 251/9
jumbo > 251/9
m10 < 251/9
m4 76mm < 251/9

so it gives the American side a vehicle to help level out the balance of tanks in Normandy
while also adding a favourited vehicles to the game that is already in the game files

I already said I agree the t48 thing on Normandy. But how will you justify it and other vehicle on other campaign.

the t48 was one of the vehicles that help win Tunisia so, the Tunisia front wont be completed with out it , and it they are added it would allow for what would be OP tanks like the Matilda tanks or tigers in tunisia