Assault map

first, wrong section buddy…

second, yes.

go in your main folder, open the folder called: usergamemods,

create a folder and name it " assault sample "

open that assault sample folder,

and paste this blk file
( first you will have to download it, unzip it, and then drag it in that folder )

( couldn’t paste the text as it’s more than the forum can handle )

launch the editor, click the option that will appear,

look around for the capzones, make screenshots and see values.

after that, you will learn how to make them.


use the sceneray_remover entity

for some reason now it works and there aren’t any turrets, without doing anything, thanks anyway

for some reason I can’t remove MG42s from the map

because you have to use the scenary_entity remover.

check it’s list, and then click " removed scanned thingies "

( or something like that ).

beside, i suggest you to check the guides and stuff that you can find in the mod category

ad ogni modo, benvenuto nel modding :slight_smile:

thanks for tge instructions

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you’re welcome.

if you need, use the mod category ( with the right tags ) to ask questions, usually someone should answer :slight_smile: ( although, sometimes it can take up to 2 to 3 days. )

as the modding community for enlisted is relatively small

I can’t find scenare_entity remover

it downloads as a .rar file

you just have to open that rar, and drop the test inside the folder

( because it’s a file zip )

I put in a folder in user game mods but I can’t fint it in the editor scenes list

mind sending a screenshot?



now, rename the scene.rar into " scene.blk " ( without the " )

and then put it inside the assault sample folder

uhhh forget to also tell you, in the folder names, don’t use spaces, use the _ as a space.

so rename the folder in Assault_sample

then you should be able to see it

alright then, since it crashes you,


( in this scenario, team 2 which it’s germany, is defending the objective. and team 1 are the allies attacking. this works that the defenders will already have the point, and have to hold it, weather the attackers must attack both positions in order to advance sector )

excuse me for taking back this old conversation, but the scenery remover removes the bunker walls and leaves the mg42 in its place.

thanks for the attention

either tweak parameters and see if the mg is scanned, or make the box bigger and include those mgs.

( can’t say for the second as doesn’t work for me, but it does for one other dude that claims that it’s precise )