Armor penetration is pure fantasy, fix this nonsense finally

I really dont even get it, even warthunder gets it “mostly” right, why are the penetration values so incredibly inconsistent?

Too many vehicles are too well armored and bounce shots they shouldn’t be able to.


Enlisted use a old warthunder version and for this whe have those problem, for example in newer war thunder version the sloped armor RNG is fixed in enlisted is still RNG


kinda funny yet frustating the fact that a piat manages to destroy majority of the time a tiger from the side, but an AB 41 it’s an effing maus in comparison.

majority of the time i have to dump all 5 charges to destroy an ab 41. both from close to mid range.

only long shots seems working. but what in the actual f.

( same with anti tank rifles. it’s next to impossible to destroy tanks that should get penned like no issues ).

PZ III M, Ns and T34 sometimes eat entire shells or deflect them somehow.


Yeah it’s been horrible ever since, T-34’s are the biggest shell eater, even if you fire on green reticle with accuracy perks, you’ll still get a complete bounce, so stupid.


This issue is by far the biggest problem with enlisted, and it seems like the devs have absolutely no intention of fixing it. It’s embarrassing that they’ve gone so long with this mess, but they just keep pumping out premiums and ignoring it. I think that sums up the Gaijin business model.