Are the new " rocket " bundle vehicles really needed?

thankfully to mr @6408391 , we have the confirmation that “artilleries” vehicles will be present in enlisted.

but my issue is, are those really needed?

granted, i am greatefull for new type of vehicles and stuff.
funnely enough, i was about to suggest them as reward for a complicated upcoming suggestion that i’m making. ( at this point, ain’t too much of a secret because every suggestion i make, ends up being related to that ) but for PVE stuff. not PVP.

my take on artillery vehicles


i know it’s earlier to speak about these artillerry effieciency.
but for the love of god, and an appeal to reason, it’s still earlier and we should talk about this.
if people kept complaining about constant supression on stalingrad, what does everyone think will happen when those artilleries will be on?

once again, it is earlier to say or speculate about their efficiency, as not everyone will run with them for sure. and for now, theoretically only in normandy. but doesn’t take too long to realize and understand that it’s going to be basically a skill less HE fuckery to clear out points more easely while keeping supressed the enemy. screams somewhat of… pay to win to me. then, we will probably have katyshas and many others.

sure, it take times to reload those and refill them everytime, ( not the sherman since it can still use HEs and coax )

but i say, let’s not create un-fun experience for everyone.
how about make them available only for PVE matches?

yes, i know, sounds bad. even premium squad for pve matches, and it would take me more time to explain, but since we can prevent a major upcoming problems.

because it’s just gonna be like the jumbo situation.

should not have been implemented in the first place, and only become worse with the other introductions ( panthers and other stuff ).

what next, nashrons to point and click like morters?
more artillery for easy kills ?

what i find even worse, is that someone thinks that it’s more hurtfull to speak about stuff that is visible on the market instead of the actual introduction:

buuuttt maybe i am just over exagerating, what are you thoughts folks?


60 dollars for a cuople of moveable mortars Is too much, few ppl Will buy them.

i dont think they are really a problem.


Still… the German one will most likely be used the same way as hand held mortars. That will be especially deadly. Probably why it will be on par with the calliope, one will need to see where it shoots at, the other will be able to from a comfy covered position.

What I’m wondering is… Are maps adapted for this? Like @30101451 is saying, I’m not certain the current modes would be adapted for them. If playing maps were twice as large they would be great however :thinking:

What 60 for both? The Calipolie was not in Normandy as I recall

prices have yet to be confirmed, but…

yeah, in align with all the others

I would really love to see those, it makes enlisted way more special than other first person shooters. Almost no other game got flamethrower tanks, mortars or now rocket tanks. I think that their damage would be similar to artillery, so it wouldnt be that op

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That excuse is irrelevant, jumbo wasn’t there either, nor was many other things in other campaigns. We time travel, in Enlisted :laughing:

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Both M8’s and the nebelwerfer rockets have AoE similar to HVAR, so they will be incredibly op. CalliOPe.
Just some zero skill HE clicking that shouldn’t be in the game


Ya, I just looked it not used in action till Feb 45

But they were technically born before Normandy they just weren’t used in action until 45, I really think it would be easier if they just confined their equipment selection to what was actually available in the field operationally

Katyusha and Nebelweffers for Moscow Next?

More explosives, God, they should even widen the map, to be able to avoid that tank’s rockets, if the map stays that small, that tank will just do a lot of killing

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If I remember correctly, it wasn’t used on D-day, but it was used later on in Operation Overlord.

Edit: my bad, they were used in Italy as overlord was wrapping up. Still good enough for the devs though

So far I’m sceptical but let’s wait with shitstorm untill the teased “introduction”. I don’t expect much but I didn’t expect map editor either. Maybe we will get something good in this introduction.

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Wait is that… is that real? What…

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wouldn’t it better to prevent it before it reaches?

we saw how things ended up with the jumbo…

now we get to see kitties everywhere and if they will decide to introduce a matchmaker based on skill, pz IV J will still have to face jumbos up until the panther which are roughly 10 levels after.

a calliope tank that can simply destroy tanks and infantry that fast doesn’t sounds good to me.

isn’t enlisted supposed to be infantry?

yeah… let’s make their life much harder…


Introducing a game for you, Battlefield V


there are more screenshots, but mr fox said no and deleted them.

more you can look at the mentioned thread by kami.
( of what he didn’t deleted. )

Community managed to “force” on devs limiting StG in stalingrad, but it won’t be able to completelly prevent devs from implementing a thing.
We can shout as laoud as we want, but they simply won’t be able to delete it. Too much money was spent on it and there is too much money to gain.

The best we can do is to vote with vallet. But good luck.
I’m sure people won’t buy a broken OP shit because of honor, morality, greater good or whatever.

Alright keep your eyes peeled on news page lads

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as i said, not remove them. but delay them for PVE premium squads.

when pve matches will drop, i’m sure lots of people will love that.

and there would be a good opportunity to sell it.

not for pve where it makes literal matches garbage and more harder.

Fucking hell. Another shit for the money for the Axis and 60 rockets per Sherman for the Allies.
The developers themselves said there were “too many explosions” and here they are introducing 60 fucking missiles?
Axis: Br 2.3, shit with no armor or cannon. 8 big missiles. Fodder for all tanks and planes in the game, penetrated by all grenade launchers.
U.S.: Sherman + 60 fucking m8. 4.3 Br. Of course we have jumbo and m4a1 76W, but is it me or is 60 missiles too much? It’s a regular Sherman that handles everything but tiger and panther, only 60 missiles on top.
Does anyone seriously think this is adequate?