Are the MP35/I and PPD40 worth it?

I am asking mostly in regards to the Moscow campaign. Is the MP35 a significant enough improvement over a fully upgraded MP40. And is the PPD40 actually an improvement over the PPD 34? Silver will quickly become scarce so just asking if it is worth it to buy a few of these new SMGs. Side note: I have not unlocked either of these yet, but am close on the German side.

Not really no, the base performance is pretty much the same, mp35 probably has less bounce though

PPD40 has a faster ROF while MP35 has an awkward empty reload but it general the same except for damage

Ni both are sidegrade of mp40/ppd38 so if you dont have an urgence of life and death for use them you can avoid them and buy ppsh41 and berettaM38

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I have Alot if not all of Mp35 I own fully upgraded in berlin. As for barettas

Gun is amazing at fully star level.
As for ppd. Nah. Ppsh it’s far better if you want to upgrade them.

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the ppd 40 is a straight upgrade over the 34, so pretty worth, and the mp35 is the best axis smg available in moscow outside gold orders, though it’s not saying much


I’d say the mp35i in Moscow is right now the best German smg you can have. At full star it got noticeably better rof, GREAT stability/recoil and also is the German smg dealing the most damage per bullet across all campaigns. You can also transfer them in Berlin and Normandy, where they are also exellent. In Moscow it’s also better than the beretta simply because the beretta has only 20 mag bullets.

As for the ppd40, it’s a great gun by itself… but it gets quickly outshined by the ppsh41. By all mean use the ppd40 as a stopgap weapon if you have it, but you’ll replace it as soon as you get access to ppsh41. Take note that in Berlin, even though ppd4o comes after the ppsh41 box, I still use the box magazine ppsh41 over the ppd40, because it’s that good.

Hope it helps.

Thank for the info. Also is the 20 round Beretta worth it compared to the MP40?


20 round beretta is ass

Use the mp 35/i


How you dare i do 7 kill with here on every soldiers

the beretta is a decent gun but the 20 round mag puts it into total trash tier

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40 round beretta

vs 20 round beretta



MP40 is better. Faster reload, better sights (personal preferance) and the magazine is not horizontal. With the MP35 your left side while ADSing will be your blind spot

Just keep using your MP40s. The MP35 isnt much of an upgrade. The slow reload, and the sideways magazine in my eyes makes it not worth it to use. Just wait for the KP31 as a better counterpart to the MP40

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Mp35 feels like an Mp-28 but with larger mag.
Personally i like the Mp40 better in some way.
Havent tried the Beretta yet but will soon since just unlocked it, stat wise it wont add up in my head but will prob be better later when its upgraded

MP35 is fantastic cant say for the PPD40 though as i haven’t unlocked it yet.