Are bots evolving?

My bot with PTRD took a good position and even killed six.

Which is even funnier.He shot for two minutes, then I went up to him, watched him shoot around 10 times.But he didn’t even have a bullet spent.Maybe they learned how to use a ammo box?It was standing not far away.


then it turns out that it was a real player


Yea, a player who has an infinite number of bullets and can play for my bots.xD

i mean might as well be considering this playerbase XD

The playerbase here is very relative, sometimes my bots collectively kill much more than my allies \ enemy.
Thats why i suggest it:


you should try the BAR premium squads. my 3 bots ended up getting 5, 5 and 6 kills once.


Sometimes bots are surprising, especially MG gunners, they often kill enemies I did not even see.
But when there is an enemy 5m in front of hem they usually stare at him doing nothing.

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Bot has unlimited ammo and has the aimbot buffed recently.

It feels like the bots that are with me just die at the first opportunity and when we encounter enemies they are at best able to finish downed opponents while enemy has terminators that once you fire their direction stop, instantly turn your direction and snipe you no matter the distance.

Bots don´t seem to really care much about the type of LMG, my bots had some extra chad performances even with Bren and Madsen. I just couldn´t believe my own eyes when I saw the killing spree one of my bots started (it was over 10 kills I think… but it was long ago, and I didn´t take screenshot of it, sadly).


That’s the guy they let through the house you are on the second floor of and knife you.

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Bots can even shoot using the Vickers Berthier (like shooting through a keyhole). I have an LMG squad in Tunisia, but I let my bots use the LMG and I use a M1 carbine.

TBH last time I played Tunisia it seemed to me they improved a bit the sight picture of Vickers Bertier (though I did not read that in patch notes).