Anyone want a Springfield

Think I have a couple I can give away.
Not too sure though

Not even sure how I ended up with this many.


god no, i fucking hate that starting rifle more than i hate the 1907 carbine


sure id take a few better scrap them now so you can get your bronze orders back when update drops every 10 parts gives 1 order

I don’t have the willpower to sit and scrap 500 rifles. :sweat_smile:

thank god the enter button exists, am i right?

macro it so all you have to do is hit spacebar

pretty sure you can just put your mouse over the savage button and set an autoclicker to spam enter(or just do it maunally)
maybe watch it towards the end so it doesnt accidentally start disassembling good guns


You don’t have willpower for only 500 then look what I had to do :sweat_smile: (it took me about 2,5 - 3 hours using auto clicker), and I am sure there are people with much larger stacks.


BTW I left 25 guns (probably too many) of every stack so when I switch squads these weapons will fill rifle slot when I hit button to “Remove unnecessary equipment”.



Me who got 11 fully ranked up rifles of my favorite 1907 carbine :cry:

If this is exactly how it’s gonna look like after update, then upgrading basic rifles to 1 star will be cheaper than now

Now we need 30 parts that will exchange for 3 bronze, and on this picture it costs 2 bronze (if it stays like that).

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When they made the announcement, and I logged in to start breaking down guns…I noticed I had 1300 Kreigsmodel 98’s. Then I went to Moscow and saw I had 982 Gewhr 33/40’s.
It took me 2 hours ( I decided to watch Netflix and chat with a friend) to break them all down.

It’s too hard for Darkflow to implement a quantity slider for the logistics menu and disassemble function :yawning_face:

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HOW the feck

how much have you played this game what the heck how do you have so many I’m confused.

Leftovers from Academy, was also sending to the rear many soldiers I didn’t need that I got from random troops delivery, my reserves were often full even with premium time so I had to make some space for new random soldiers, and I play since late April I think, maybe early May.

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I have scrapped over 3000 starter Mosin rifles in both Moscow and Berlin where I have invested the most on both Soviet factions with soldiers and stuff from the old academy system. I have been spamming the enter button for some other unwanted guns along with the excess PTRD/PTRS on my inventory. Got almost 10k parts from just the Mosins not counting the parts from the other guns yet.

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Tbh, As far starting rifles go. I do quite like this gun. I perform better with it than the starting rifle of Moscow allies.