Anti tank ability for Yak9K?

The current penetration ability for this premium plane is not desirable : in most cases only being able to penetrate the bt-7 and pz2 on the practice field; in rare cases it could penetrate the side armor of pz4…
I wonder what ammo this plane is having? high explosives only? 45mm ap rounds should be more powerful than this.


Probably the default warthunder belt like everything else. So 2xHE and then 1xAP
For it to be effective you need to shoot the roof with the correct round. Probably not even worth buying imo.

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The premium hurricane in Tunisia with 40mm cannons suffers this same issue

After the small patch, still Yak9K has questionable damage to both plane and tanks…

I actually managed to destroy a few tanks on the practice field with it while i was trying it out. However its very inconsistant and its probably easier to destroy tanks with a direct hit with 50kg’s

(But atleast it sometimes penetrates, compared to the 37mm and 30mm premiums that were marketed as being effective vs tanks)

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It is possible to penetrate the side of pz4, but I really doubt whether it can penetrate the top of tiger or panther… This 45mm gun is so strange both in damage and penetration.

thx for the data. I strongly doubt whether the rounds in this 45mm cannon have such 70mm penetration in this game.

Yeah, they do. At no angle at point blank basically. With a plane you’ll be shooting at an angle from far ranges. So the only way to take out a panther with that thing is probably to go 90 degrees down on it’s roof.