Answering Your Questions about the Mission Editor #1

During the week since we’ve launched the “Burning Sky” update you’ve been filling up the mods portal with interesting missions and delving deep into the features of the editor.

We’d like to help you in this endeavor, and so we begin to publish the answers to the questions you’ve been asking in the special forum section.


Any Enlisted player can try out a user mission even in multiplayer. To do that, enter the portal, choose a mission you like and press COPY. In the client, open Custom Matches → Create → Mods. Enter the link you’ve copied and create the server for the mission that other players can join.

Other players’ lobbies that are based on the user missions are marked with a special icon.


Is it possible to edit soldiers’ look /weapon attachments? (source)

Currently there is no way to edit the squads and their weapons, but as we expand the mod editor, we plan to incorporate that feature in the future

How do I custom set my weather in any campaign? (source)

In the level entity, for example, berlin_level, you need to delete the weather types you don’t need in level__weatherChoice. For each weather type you can also set a corresponding time of the day in level__timeVec, otherwise the default settings will be used that are set in the level__timeVec list above.

Will we be able to place AI enemies and set their waypoints to make the battles feel more epic? (source)

We’re considering this for the future.

Is there some mechanism to dynamically generate entities, such as bombs or vehicles? (source)

Currently not, but we’ll consider it.

Can we attach a spawn point to a vehicle to create a mobile spawn point?

It will be possible in the future.

Can the weather change dynamically in the editor? For example, changing night into day, or clear sky into snowfall, like during a ritual in CRSED?

Currently not.

Can we manipulate (edit, move) objects like trees or Czech hedgehogs? (source)

You can delete and place them but not move.

How do I set up doors to open only partially? (source)

Doors and window panes are a part of the level, not the mission. They are generated automatically and cannot be modified.

How do I place the mines so that they are considered a part of the level and damage only one team?

To do that, you have to create, for example, ger_antipersonnel_mine and add the postfix: +placeable_item_in_world. Using the parameter placeable_item_ownerTeam, you can set which team the mine belongs to; if it’s -1, then the mine will work irrespective of the team.

How do I create a mission where the next strategic point is random?

There’s an example in the Invasion mission in Tunisia.

To randomize the first strategic point, you have to add additional options in the group_activator entity. To add more choices for the next strategic point after the capture of the previous one you should add additional options to the capzone__activateChoice parameter in the strategic point entity.

There’s an option to upload .vromfs.bin on the Enlisted Sandbox, but how do I pack the mod into .vromfs.bin? (source)

This feature is unavailable at the moment since the mod can only include a single mission file.

How do I make useful_box_base (medik_box, tutorial_ammunition_box_a) give out weapons and equipment (other items like medkits, magazines, grenades are given out normally)?

That feature doesn’t exist at the moment.

How do I create additional tasks in the mission? Like destroying the balloons.

To add a counter for points awarded for destroying objects, you need to add the add_score_to_destroyable_ri template to the destructible object like barrage_balloon, and create the teamScoreFromRiGroup entity.

The object’s destroyable_ri__group parameter has to be the same as ri_group_score__destroyableRiGroup of teamScoreFromRiGroup. The ri_group_score__addScoreForTeam parameter defines which team will get points for destroying the object, while ri_group_score__addScoreAmount sets the number of points awarded. You can set up a few groups of destructible objects and award the points only for destroying all objects in the group.

Are there any plans to further diversify the surface brushes?

You’re welcome to offer your ideas! In the mods section you can create a topic with the “Suggestion” tag — we’ll be sure to check it out.

Will the editor expand to include user scripts? (source)

We’re interested in that, but since Enlisted is an online game, there are lots of technical hurdles, so currently there are no such plans.

Can we add limited reinforcements to the defending team? (source)

Yes, just add the team__squadSpawnCost parameter to it, like the one the attacking team has.

Proposal: Redeploy Area, a special kind of area entity. When the player enters the area, he will be able to change squads (redeploy) in the ESC menu, without suicides or any penalty.

We’ll consider it.

How do these parameters work: team_roundscore; team_score; team_scoreCap; team_squadSpawnCosts? (source)

team_score is the number of respawn scores the team has at the start; team_scoreCap is the maximum number of respawn scores the team can have in the mission; team_squadSpawnCosts is the number of respawn scores that is divided by the number of players in the team and then subtracted from team_score when a squad spawns — note that if the score us over 0 but less than team_squadSpawnCosts, then a squad can still spawn; team_roundscore is currently unused.

How do I make the team’s score deplete or adjust the speed of score depletion after capturing a neutral point in the Conquest mode? (source) - (source) - (source)

You can check out the example of a Conquest mode mission: you’re looking for the score_bleed parameter. This feature is yet unavailable for the Invasion mode.


How do I copy and place objects? (source)

Answer: In the Move mode press Shift and move it, it will copy the object. To do that with a regular object, select it using rendinst in the Toolbox and press the Instance button to create a copy of the entity that can be moved and modified.

bomb_site_zone_chained_box cannot place bombs, what do I do?

The player answered his own question: Place capzone__bombSiteEid as an object in the game world (bombSite + interactive 3D model). That’ll connect the completion indicator to the capture status icon.

Can we create a map from scratch? It’s really hard to delete the objects on the existing ones (source)

Answer: Place scenery_remover, choose the radius and click active. It wipes out everything except vehicles and spawn points. It can freeze and cannot be deleted since it does that each time you load a map.

How do I create a mortar that’s already loaded (and other weapons too)?

Answer: You have to fill the mortar manually using the Other items section. Find granatenshissen or something like that in the section, then place it on the ground and have the soldier pick it up. Same goes for grenade launchers.

How do I switch to the third person view? (source)

Answer: Open the console with ~ and input player.enable_tps_camera.

Something weird is going on with the bots. I’ve created a mode like Conquest, but the bots only run to one point and stay there the entire battle. (source)

You have to set up the battle area for AI soldiers’ pathfinding to work.

I’ve deleted static_cam to put it in another place, restarted everything, and now my camera is underground. (source)

The player answered his own question: I’ve fixed it; I’ve placed static_cam but didn’t make it active. You just need to make it active before exiting/restarting, and everything will be ok.

How do I switch the team in the editor? (source)

Answer: In the settings of the editor you can find a wrench icon on the right. There you can switch between teams: 1 for the Allies, 2 for the Axis.

How do I lock team_id that the vehicle belongs to? Currently upon exiting the vehicle its team_id is set to -1. (source)

Answer: In the vehicle’s properties, uncheck the vehicle_seats__autoDetectRestrictToTeam parameter.


Thank you very much, thanks to the developers, answered a lot of useful information.

Looking forward to functional improvement and editor improvements

Now I’m trying to make bomb_site_200kg with 200kg bomb range and special effects, I tried to define these “template” for the mission scene.


Trying to load a custom “template” object for scene.blk, but still no yet success loaded.

From currently known experimental information, the game scene can dynamically update the “template” list, but I don’t know how that works.



Still, how do you achieved BiDirectional capzone/Confrontation mode?
In that mode, it is unusual due to it does not (only) ended by scores. But by something invisible.
In all other modes, the game ended by either defender lost all its points by losing sectors, or attacker lost all respawn tickets, or bleed out. But in Confrontation mode, you simply end match by capture all sectors.
I found tweak “team__minScoreCap” may work. But how?

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Also, I still think it’s pretty stupid to let sector stages and respawn tickets share the same value!
What’s hell when you guys decide to let the match win/lose–sectors captured status by the universal team tickets.
And we can not set INDIVIDUAL sector’s capreward/capture penalty!

I have already think about this.
The thing is:
Because defender’s lose is triggered by the STAGEs they lost. like a 5 stage invasion, they have to lost 5005 to let the game know, attacker make it to the last point.
But when the stage shared value with defender’s respawn tickets. It will make: Defenders’ tickets is useless at all points but the last one. 5000 can spawn a lot of squad.
But if defender wasted lots of tickets, they will not EVER able to defend the last point. Because their tickets is already lost by losing first 4 sectors (4004, only 996 for respawn left).

If we introduce small amount per capture penalty, or give defender more tickets when lost sectors, then the situation is:
when attacker captured last point, but defender’s tickets will not be exactly reduced to 0. Defender still able to respawn, and due to ticket is >0, the match will not END.

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A easy bypass method is:
Dev introduced individual ticket penalty for individual sectors.

Why the hell we can set individual point’s capreward. But not capture penalty???

If we want the match END when defender lost the last point. EASY!
Reduced their tickets by a huge number when sector captured! Like a ticket greater than its initial tickets. Then the match will obviously ended by then. No need to worry about balancing defender respawn tickets and STAGES TICKETS(capture penalty)!

Hi, we can create custom entities now, But we need the ability of create custom template also.
We find that the game is running under the UGM mode, in the UGM mode it only parse the Entities in the blk file. But we really need custom template.

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It’s fine not provide the ability to call da Script, but we need to at least customize the template.

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Sweet info!

working on the AI. Lots of talk can be done on that…

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Will you add a terrain editor with all the placeable objects (trees, houses, etc.)? and could you add more AI players to make it 50/50? could you add the possibility to create real squads of real players with the voice chat?

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Hi, this float value represents the probability. So values greater than 1.0 are not useful. And there is no difference between the weapons of these templates.

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Are there plans to do some kind of commercialization for the sandbox, such as paid premium resource packs or entity features.

Although as a player I want more model toys. But it all depends on the work of you the development team, and maybe some kind of financial means is needed to fund this work.

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Premium assets are possible only in a situation where custom maps can be integrated into the game economy - that is, have an impact on ordinary players. So first of all, you need to achieve a system like in TF2, where the best mods were added to the game itself.

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I think the editor may need a glue entity that allows the user to glue together multiple different entity locations, which may be more extensible

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