Another solution for solving the lack of rally points

Just make every single soldier in game build rally points, just 25% slower than a normal engineer.
this solves LOTS of issues, especially enabling new players to actually participate properly in games, eliminating late-level engineer issues like in tunisia and creating more rally points overall, since now youre not relying on your only engineer in a squad to survive.

this solution is very easy to code and elegant and doesnt create negative effects on other parts of the game!

This dont change anything people can add one/two enginer in every squad “whitaut sacrificing auto weapon” is sufficient have one enginer in one squad on tre for build a rallypoint and still people dont do it, worst thing there are people wo use enginer only for spam selective fire rifle because they can have ammobox=infinite ammo


Any game with a Meta is a bad game, people should be able to play how they like, and still have a good chance of einning


Add the engineer class as a default class.
A lot of people underestimate the significant power the rally point has! Unfortunately…


Sounds great . But the reality is that even at last level, players still don’t do them.
Every body uses the rally points I build but no one else builds one.
So what I really wish for is that I could build rally points that No One else could use untill they build one as well.

Works like a key.
Wanna use some elses rally points? Then fuking build one!


The top three players can repair 2~3 resurrection points, and the player with the first score can repair 3 points.

Maybe some kind of squad leader mechanism similar to hell on earth, the player of the commander role can build more resurrection points

My mod, Big Action, really needs this mechanic, because many ordinary players don’t create resurrection points at all and cannot communicate effectively.

you can imagine the feeling without rally points, in such a huge map

Lately I have bn playing with a group of players that we don’t even make rally points and we just sprint foward to the next point…

I m not sure if rallies win games, or if it’s shift+W.

About your suggesting no.
I disagree, and if the player don’t want to build one, it should be forced by your way to play the game.
If the player wants to be 200 meters behind with a sniper, he can and should have fun the way he sees it. You loose a match because of it, cope and move to the next one. It’s a game.

I have lost the number of people I saw on forums discord and what ever always complaining about teamates and others, and the fact they don’t do rallies or what ever. and when I see them in-game they are pure trash, don’t be another one to the list :slight_smile: .

well in case of enlisted its like, you play either cause you want to win or you play for joy regardles of win rate …but id like to know how would you accomplish the good chance for win even without meta weapons

It’s easy to win without meta weapons. Everyone has to slog through the low levels in every campaign before getting good guns. Positioning, knowing how to use the low level weapons to your advantage, and team play matter a lot. Bolt actions and the low level smgs aren’t all that terrible if you know how to aim.

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