American planes with problems and exaggeration in some aspects

I’m reporting a bug, I believe it’s a bug and maybe a bit of exaggeration in the hit range of the American rockets in the Normandy campaign, another bug I’m reporting is the FW (fighter) plane among other German fighters from the Normandy campaign with empty mass (no bombs) to be very slow even slower than an American bomber loaded with bombs, bad for curves and slower than a bomber, I believe there is something wrong because checking the status of the plane the speed is much higher, the damage of the 20 mm cannon of the german fighters basically do not damage the american fighter, reaching the point of even zeroing my ammo i checking and hitting key points of the american fighter with the cannon and it staying in flight and making turns perfectly, even after many shots , I believe it’s a bug or a balance error, I’m informing it to be solved because I’m not the only person who complains about these problems, the explosion radius of the rockets and the s other problems already mentioned above.


I also think that American Fighters are powerfull, meanwhile German counterpart cant do much against them, which most casual players will complain and if dont get solved people will start leaving the game.


yeah ppl will start leaving the game if axis normandy dont get the me 262 with 48 rockets



Imo all rockets have stupid big explosion range, not only american ones.


I believe that the American gets to the ridiculous I know because I played a lot of American and with friends and I watched my friends play and hit some rockets that practically cleared the entire point, I believe that with the German I don’t have as big an area damage as the Americans, not that it’s not exaggerated on both sides.

Maybe american ones in deed are stronger, but both sides have so ridiculously powerful rockets that it doesn’t really matter.

Like, it’s harder to kill with a 50kg bomb than with a 5kg rocket.


I believe that both sides are doing excessive damage in area, but the Americans are too much you hit a rocket in space kill the whole team, I started the Normandy campaign of American and I know what I’m talking about and for a long time, the American rocket blast radius is nowhere near the me 262.

Voyo I believe this is a bug, because just look at the status of the plane, the FW was supposed to reach 721.43 km per hour, that’s not me talking and yes it’s a bug in the game, if you have any doubts just take a look at the game, what about the 20mm cannons?
I believe it was to dismantle the rear of any plane if hit correctly.

I was eating a sandwich with my squad and a rocket hit me for being just 1 cm within its range :frowning: . rockets have a lot of range aaahhhhhhhh

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yeah yeah and the jumbo is OP.

BF 109 G-10 : 721.07 km/h, 27.23 m/sec and 16.17, sec lap time that’s what you need in axis figther plane keep rockets for the attack plane, i believe these rocket fighter are less effective than the attack ones and when you fire your rockets they are fall down i mean they don’t fly to the target straigth.

Jumbo has the key point for destruction, just like any tank, I never complained about it because I play war thunder and I have no problem with it.

what I also refer Rafidoo is that the fighters do not deliver the speed mentioned in their status, I already did the test myself and with a lot of effort I reached almost 500km with fw

deleted why?
this is a bug just look at the speed status of the german fighters and I commented on the explosion radius and the damage of the cannons that are strangely ineffective, it looks like I’m shooting confetti.

The bf i’m talking is full upgraded the fw full upgraded is a 699.83 km/h speed the most important thing between these figthers is the gamplay it’s really different.

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I can take a look later, but the FW I’m mentioning for you is 190 A-8
but thanks for the information.

The FW got explosives the BF not but i prefer the bf G-10 for a good hunt !

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The FW should be flying around 400, what you see is the maximum speed, watch videos from WT, read the WT wiki, you will get familiar and as for cannons, open fire when close, they work fine…


the Model of the FW190 also is totally Bugged xD it has like 10 MGs on each side, stacked into each other and when u shoot u only see one bullet line on the left but like 4 on the right, makes no sense

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