Aircraft suggestions

I’m enjoying some of the changes in this update, like the graphics (aside from the bugs) and I’m loving the new aircraft engine sounds. Getting the airbrakes active on planes is also cool.

However I have no idea why the flight model was borked completely. The IL series of aircraft are now all but unflyable - they have inherited the awful trim issues that made the FW series terrible to fly, and the also now fly like a brick. To be fair, the 3M was always a pig but the rockets made up for it, but now they are all hopeless. A ground attack plane that cannot pull up at reasonable altitude and reasonable speeds is pointless.

Please sort out the flight model, fixing the FW without penalising the other planes.

And while you are at it, please please please please please give us the ability to harmonize guns! I got all excited about the Typhoon as it should be a powerful addition to the Allied side, but of course having wasted my money on it I can only hit the enemy with half of my guns. The same applies to all the planes with wing-mounted armament - only being able to use half your guns is ridiculous and unfair.

And one last thing - belting and cannon performance: we really need to ability to choose our belting for aircraft cannon, and large calibre cannon across the board still seem to significantly underperform against both aircraft and vehicles.



Ya the Cannons have been very, very, very, Nefred in this game.

Ya wasted it on another alied bomb spamer? Man Help us out on normandy and get the FW dammmm

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Oh god no. I mean, I would love to, but I can’t stand the awful flight model of the FW series (and it’s terrible that they’ve given the same problem to the other planes instead of fixing the FWs)

In away I dont blam ya :frowning: but it is the only other plan that would have helped us out as axis Normandy. 109s bombs are complty usless on tanks now dircet hits and all. I bombed a tank and kill one guy lol

So I went and tried the existing 190 on Normandy after this, and it was absolute beast mode. Flight model seemed less terrible(?), but I was absolutely smashing enemy planes. No idea if there has been a change in damage of 20mm or it was just luck, but I was detonating P38s like mad. I’ll have to try the 110 again to see if the 30mm have had a boost. Nothing seems to have changed with Russian 20mm, and 37mm/45mm Russian are still lobbing marshmallows at enemies…

I dont know they seemed to have fixed FW. Its the 109s now that need damag bosted. lol but who realy flys them any how