Aircraft Carriers

I would counter with “well don’t fly over target and just drop bombs aimlessly. Look for targets of opportunity.”

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can those be sunken with enough of ordinance?

or nah.

just to eventually know if can be included for some type of objective in the editor.


It will encourage suicide bombing, since it is hard for many people to land on such a short runway.


The amount of ordnance they need to sink them in War Thunder exceeds what you’ll realistically even be able to field in Enlisted.

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People like me who fly in real life would go through the troubl.

I flew in the Battle of Moscow with the Ju 87 B-2 after the Sb-2m. At a distance of no more than 20-25 meters. I fired all 1000 rounds of MG 17 ammunition at him. And nothing? The plane continued on its way. And I had to go back to base to reload ammo. In this game, apart from bombs and rockets, there is no point in fighting in the air. First, fix the plane damage model, then add items related to them (aircraft carriers / airports, etc.).


Was the case but only in conquest. This got deleted in MEABP 17.

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How should hydroplane take off from aircraft carrier?


very good. :heart:

Maybe the development team is thinking about suicide planes, so how about the situation in other campaigns?

Look forward to more new mechanism, such as respawn scores.

Hopefully the carrier won’t be a missile launcher


sure, no problem with that, i would do so also to repair the plane, but for ammo?.. seems a bit too much

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I would think a good amount of XP should be granted for a successful landing/rearming


War thunder system is you start flying next to the carrier, and can rearm by landing next to one.

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as long has a value that can be tweaked in the editor, it’s not of a concern of mine how much will it take.

i’m just wondering if can be sunken or not within enlisted.
( an actual possibility that can be then tweaked inside the editor )

in the base game, i don’t think would really change something to sink it or not guess that’s a plus to do, but eh.

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One thing is for sure. This is a testing ground to put airfields in all campaigns


OR… here’s a thought. Regular ammo point in the sky and extra XP and plane repair when landing on aircraft carrier. Just a thought…


I’m not sure I get your point.

Mine is, most players will probably skip planes altogether, because mandatory takeoff and landing to rearm takes A LOT of time, meanwhile you’re useless to the team and earn nothing. So why bother?

All tanks will be soft enough that engineers’ guns will deal with them just fine at any distance.

Moreover, the lack of planes in the air will leave SPAAGs free to focus on infantry.


What do you mean next to a carrier? Landing and rearming in ocean?

Yeah, it’s a pain when the carrier is moving, but doable.

Give players good XP for landing or taking off. To incentivize them to do same.


That just won’t happen. People would just farm by taking off and landing.