Aim is off for the semi auto sniper rifles

When aiming down the scope with any semi auto sniper rifle the sight is off, it will hit the enemy if you aim below him at distance, i have tested this many times, the sights are incorrect. When aiming at distance (if anything) you should aim high as a bullet will drop, same principal as when you leed a target. The aim should be set to hit where the tip of the crosshair is if you aren’t going to allow for bullet drop, not below the the target. It should NEVER be below the target in any circumstance. The manual sniper rifles are spot on, the semi auto sniper rifles need to be changed to match their acuracy.

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I forgot to relate which platform, Ps4 console platform

Have you tried the AVS 36 sniper by chance? I found it to be spot on in my testing. I’m just wondering if it is the semi auto only snipers

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I haven’t, i just about to receive that particular squad on my next level up, i will test it and reply back asap. But, yes, it is only the semi auto sniper rifles that are off

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Im curious if you find it to be as accurate as I have

Havent noticed anything with the G43 sniper either. Are you sure that is not an strayshot that comes with the deviation at times ? What weapon is it youre using ?

When firing the semi auto at long range how ever you do need to aim a bit higher though compared to the BA. Well you have to with the BA as well at really long ranges but the SA has an weaker arc for sure

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Is weapon upgraded, it makes a difference…

Confirmed, it is only the semi auto sniper rifles that are off, i just aquired a avs 36 sniper rifle, it is spot on. Soooo, maybe its the scope as it is different to the avs and all other manual sniper rifles

I’m going to test each one tonight then. I found the AVS 36 to be incredibly accurate but never felt the same way with the M1 Garand sniper or G43 sniper

Thanks, yes it seems to be the scopes with the single hair (crosshair)

Im sending out an vid on the G43 soon so can inspect that one. Didnt noticed this issue but on the other hand i didnt aim down either ^^ Ill send a link here to it if interested

Definitely am interested. I’ve never really tested the accuracy so I’m just recalling battles which could easily just be me rushing shots

I was a bit less precise with sniper Garand, however, I didn´t notice any such flaw while using sniper gewehr.

I definitely think a full on comparison of each rifles accuracy is needed to see what one is the most and least accurate. FG42 II, Garand, SVT38, SVT40, AVS 36 and G43 snipers

here we go

Not sure why that sould be the case. Let’s take the russian BA and SA rifles. They all fire the 7.62x54R at the same speed (815m/s). Balistically, they should perform the same. This also applies to the k98/g43/fg42. They also fire the same round (8mm Mauser) at the same speed (750m/s).
So there is no reason why BAs should have a flatter trajectory than SAs.
Also there’s no reason why BAs and SAs should have different hit power values while shooting the same cartridge at the same velocity. Accuracy yes, hit power no.

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Its for the same reason why they have different hit power. Because of balance. DMR shouldnt be as effective as BA in long ranges thats why they are harder to aim with but its not that hard so to speak. Were talking just an inch

Well sure, give it a lower zoom (although the ZF4 is a 4x scope), make it less accurate, give it more recoil. But messing with ballistics is laughable.

well to be fair you also have to aim a bit up at longer ranges with BAs at time so they arent that far away from each other

Of course, and it’s frustrating seeing the level of detail and the notches on my elevation turret, without being able to dial in the range on my sniper.
I don’t mind bullet drop, it’s the ideea that you have to aim a bit higher with SAs for gameplay ballance considering that the ballistics should be the same as with BA.
If gameplay ballance is the issue then why do we have G43 against M1903 instead of M1 Garands.
The game sould be like “Oww… so you decked all your riflemen with SA, then i’ll put you in a fight with other SA players”