AI bailing JU 188 A-2

I have been using the JU 188 A-2 bomber plane for a while now and recently when I join into a new squad game all of my teammates jump out of the plane and die immediately. this leaves me with only the player-controlled pilot in the plane and no gunners to defend myself. it happens about 50% of the time that I use the plane.

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here is a screenshot of an example. for some reason, it only kicked out 2 of my teammates and they got stuck in the plane. Normally the teammates just leave without a trace.

they improved AI intelligence in last update. AI thinks they have better chances without you piloting the plane.


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Savage, LMAO!!! hahahhahahaha

I wish AI in JU188 had better range you have to wait till ther on your ass befor they do any thing even when your chasin a enemy