Again, unnerf semovente 75/34 gun

the italian 75 it got was able to penetrate shermans, grants and the likes very reliably(not just on weakspots as its now) historically and its even gonna balance the tanks situation a bit considering ingame it hasnt even the explosive rounds.


Give it its friggin HE shell too wtf


And unnerf armored car speed, they are moving coffin


They nerfed it?

I knew something felt off when I resisted a Semonvente without issue while using a Sherman… I’ve been using pz3/4 for a while as axis so I didn’t notice… But I really loved how the Semonvente deleted other tanks by looking at them before, while having almost no anti infantry use as a counterweight :frowning:

Buff it. And yes give it HE seriously I don’t see how this would hurt balance.


In war thunder usually aganaist the sherman the semovente win if him shoot first anywhare, in enlisted bounce,bounce,bounce you are dead

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Ya, the German Puma was 8 wheal drive and independent suspension, yes it’s a dog off road in game for some reasion

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Yes, if I see a Sherman and I don’t have a side shot I back off.

They defiantly nerfed it in game, and as noted above it has no HE, and IRL they did

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They nerfed all wheeled vehicles last patch.

Someone noted the new German rocket vehicle was amazing and fast enough to circle a jumbo and shoot it’s side.

Lasted one day. Devs nerfed wheeled vehicles to the ground afterwards, making them as fast as slug. Incidentally it now renders the Tunisia Daimler absolutely worthless.

Oh they nerfed the german rocket vehicles anti tank ability too. Now jumbo sides resist them, you must shoot many to be sure exploding it.

Maybe some bish felt offended 🤷


Also because of the wheeled vehicle nerf, all Cars and Trucks on the maps move barely quicker than walking by foot


Ya, I noticed this on Tunisia, tge jerps and kubelvagen are very slow now