Adjust daily login reward to new economy

Since bronze soldier orders have been devaluated so you get them twice that often and are far more useless and I expect the same happen to bronze weapon orders you should either buff their gain through dailies or better replace them with silver that is in greater demand.
Currently getting 1 BSO as a daily login reward is a bad joke.


Yeah, my motivation to play this game is already poor, so when i get these bad ‘rewards’ I don’t bother even trying for them.

I was about to open a thread about the same topic.

It is just pointless to win 1 bronze soldier order when you’ll earn many more just by playing to complete the task.

Not to mention that, since the soldiers economy change, you can’t do anything with a single bronze order anymore. The login trophy, to be worth it, should gift at least 6 bronze soldier orders, so that you can use them to promote a tier 1 soldier.

Totally agreeing. The loot should be higher. Same goes to the “reserve/depot” expand slots in the tree. They arent useful anymore as the acadamy has been deleted. Should be replaced by something else, dont know.

Loved that ice cream … sorry off topic.