Adding to all campaigns!

so 1 level per campaign prety much.

i will enjoy the mkb and fedorov on moscow i m sure .

and finnaly STG44 . jesus crist. took sometime to be implemented.


Ethiopa ordered a reasonable number. Guess it’s not too much of a stretch to say when Italy invaded them in 1935/6 that they captured the weapons and re-used them in some reserve units or something.

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that could make sense

is the m1928 going to have the drums or is it box mag?

So the premium flamethrower squad gets 4 dudes with flamethrowers? From what picture shows, how is it balanced against 2 flamethrower regular squads.

Also the ratio of premium to regular squads is going to shit as i expected.

At least dab on Stalingrad buyers with more collectible legendary (not premium) squads. AND IT’S MORE ASSAULT SPAM.
Please keep on runing this camapign to ground, i love it


@1942786 Question, is the M1928A1 Thompson the one with the drum, or one with a box mag?


With 30m range flamethrowers.

While we only have m1 and fw35, which got 18m range.



Is the reload time increased?

Definitely not pay 2 win.

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Please give the update :slight_smile:
we are so eager to test it out

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We start with AT rifles and end up with basically late war gear. Quite a rollercoaster.
But it’s not necesarly bad.

I don’t recall a prototype of StG beging a “clasic” weapon in 1941.

Yey, premium stug :unamused: amaning.
I still don’t get it why you give MkB to everyone but paywall the Stug (aka the most produced armoured vehicle of the ww2 germany). This is a “clasic”, not MkB.

Sounds like BS if you ask me. I’m yet to find out how making a gun cheaper causes the soldier to reload faster even though the proces of reloading is exactly the same.



He’s raising his shoulders too much…
Tell him to relax his shoulders.


like this


Thompson M1928A1
StG 44

I hope the Thompson will be atleast very powerfull if its supposed to go against stg :roll_eyes:

Yeah I’ll probably get these squads… you’ve got me again darkflow :frowning:

I really really love this. For some reason the mortar squads are so fun to play for me. But I’m not grinding out mortarmen II by any means

Cheers for the update foxman

I like how you definitely didnt predict how shit stalingrad was gonna be long before it released :smiley:

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What do you mean?

A weapon that was being tested as a prototype in the second half of 1942 definetely belongs in a campaign that is set from around november 1941 to march 1942


It not only belongs but also is a clasic weapon of this campaign. You say “Barbarossa” and you think about MkB.


Also Im disappointed about theese. I hope atleast the Pacific will make up for it

I’d love to buy the flamethrower dudes too if the squads were like 30€, but we know how bad the pricing is lol