Adding cross play friends

When you jump into enlisted on PC you can find an add friends button in the bottom left of the screen. But when you search for a friend who is on consoles nothing pops up. They also have no option to add friends within their version of the game. Gajin says their game is cross-platform, but it seems to be piss poor support, pitiful main menu options, and terrible communication about how to cross-play. I have spent a couple of hours trying to figure this out from platforms like Google, Reddit, articles, youtube, and their own god damn website but you get shit results everywhere you look. Does anyone have any idea how to add cross-platform friends??


It’s not possible at the moment. The game being cross platform simply means that everyone is playing on the same server in the same matches. Adding friends is an additional feature that is not implemented currently.

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Añadiran esa funcion mas adelante?

Will it be implemented? I have several friends who want to play, and we can’t.


We have it in our plans, but no ETA currently.


Yes please add ,cross platform add friends capability
As i have friends and family i can’t play with
Only way is to hope we end up in the same game
And this is near impossible most if the time

I think that being able to add friends from other consoles is one of the main factors of crossplay, it seems to me that this is one of the aspects in which they should focus the most to add to the game as soon as possible and it also seems to me that a large majority of the community think the same way.

Creo que el poder añadir amigos de otras consolas es uno de los factores principales del crossplay, me parece que ese es uno de los aspectos en los que mas deberían enfocarse para añadir al juego cuanto antes y también me parece que una gran mayoría de la comunidad piensa de la misma manera.

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This should be good enough for us, it’s not often we get a dev openly confirming that a feature we want is under development.


Agree. Now that i see this i will wait for the feature to be able to play with friends.

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