Add squad banzai charge and constructions for japs

the current banzai mechanic is good but has become useless as most of the pacific allies are equiped with semi-automatics and automatics and therefore please add squad banzai charge with slight vitality increase like in rising storm 1 when squad banzai charging and add more engineer constructs such as booby traps etc such that people would like to play engineer and build more rally points which help in a better gameplay.


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How are they more cancerous than other factions?
They have the worst automatic and semi-automatic weapons in the game.
They have the worst vehicles that ever existed in Enlisted history.
They play in a maps where CAS is castrated completly for both sides.
Is it becouse there are no other options for them than to spam artillery and mortars?
Enlight me please.


Honestly speaking, I think they should also remove the speed limit after obtaining a melee kill. It is stupid to protect noobs who can’t handle a charging person with guns.


To be fair, it was kinda like this in Rising Storm too. Though, in Rising Storm there is the suppression mechanic, and while the same mechanic exists in Enlisted, it’s kinda hard to see the devs giving exclusively one faction the ability to suppress with a charge.

I hope you meant “The Japanese faction in Enlisted”, can’t always tell nowadays ^ ^

They have the second best Bolt-action rifle in the game!
They have… hrm… oh! they have bayonets on a lot of weapons compared to the US.
They have… a sniper rifle that can reload using 5 rounds stripper clips!
They have 2.5x scope that forces the players to push the objective and not camp at the back!
They, uh, they have Katanas?
The player models are a little smaller than US models
Um… perhaps this is significant to our Gallic friend (hopefully not), they are the only Asian faction in the game?
Most likely it’s to do with the ‘reinforcement patch’ which is one of the worst band-aid-on-severed-leg solution to a problem I’ve seen in this game.

This. And this won’t just affect the Japanese only too, so all the Yankee boys can get their fair share of charging kills! Also, shovel charge when.