Add new class Automatic Rifleman

Currently we have a problem of too many automatic rifles in the hands of the most common soldiers.

Guns like FG42/ II, MKB42H, AVS36, AVT40, M2 carbine (lol) should be its own class of soldier.
These guns will come with an automatic rifleman squad, and these guns will only be able to be used on this class. 1 Auto rifleman can be put into most squads.

Axis: FG42 and FG42 II
Allies: M2 carbine

Axis: FG42/ FG42 II
Allies: AVS36/ AVT40

Axis: MKB42H
Allies: AVS36

Axis: MKB42H - changed to auto rifleman only.
Allies AVT40 or AVS36

Has no SF rifles.

These rifles are basically the best guns in the game and on the battlefield, there is no reason common troopers should be running around with these weapons. Especially in a game like enlisted where you have a squad of AI and it getting wiped off in a few seconds and 1 mag is a bit extreme.

The same is for Stalingrad, having an assault rifle as an engineer weapon is really stupid. Engineer II now is basically the “Wunderclass” of enlisted. Think about it, has infinite ammo, builds spawns, can build AT guns for AT work, can build an MG for defense and can have a SF or AR to wipe squads. That is a bit extreme.

Classes like Trooper, Radio operator, flametrooper, bomber - would only have access to BAs and semi-auto weaponry.

How the auto-rifleman squad should look like:

Actual Falschemjager squad, for allies also paratroopers.


I support the idea and all but the sad truth is that it won’t change shit. Trust me.


Believe me man i know that these are just dreams

btw that aged like wine


I like the idea. Alternatively: they can merge this idea into the existing assaulter class, and give them exclusive access to all automatic and select fire rifles in addition to smgs and shotguns.

It will be a year old in three weeks.
I guess as a proud father I’ll throw a party.


That thing is fine as a sniper.
Or did the assaulter version get added in the few days I wasn’t online?

Also, no, it’s fine. Just give semis their rof back and it’ll be balanced again.

It will be added

No its not fine. I dont like playing a reskineed COD.

Right now stalingrad setups have 7 MKBs, 6 MKBs per squad

Berlin normandy has 9 man FG42/ AVT or 7 man STG + FG squads

Moscow 4 PPSH + 3 AVS or 9 man AVS squds

This is fun for you? No not for me
This needs to change


Shouldn’t be.
Suomi would be much better as a new assualter weapon.

It will be if you buff the other stuff.
Currently, as it stands, SFs are fine against every class of weapons except for bolts and semis. So give bolts their stalingrad damage and add in a universal semi-auto rof that would be the same for all semis and SFs set to semi, and would be roughly in the 500 max rpm range.
And sniper Mkb should stay as sniper mkb. It’s fine how it is now.

no you need to learn to play quit crying bout automatics

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It used to exist, but it was removed. The class only used select fire rifles/assault rifles.


(The FG-42/II was a gunner weapon)


Well that is a shame, we wouldnt have our mess now

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pretty much

Yes and no.
Yes because of restrictions.
No because I dont wanna grind more classes in the squad menu ans that there are logical ways to put certain sf. FG gunner, Mkb Assaulter…

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