Academy Tab is Missing

I dont have an academy tab to train soldiers. As I upgraded the squad it gave me stars on my first soldier and he is max at 5 but I have no way to train any other soldiers. They are all 1 and 2 stars. They are maxed too but cant go any farther. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

You have to upgrade their tree to be able to upgrade them to higher levels. As for Academy, its gone. You use bronze orders now to upgrade individual soldiers.

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Academy was revamped months ago.


If you remember Academy then where have you been all this time since it’s gone for about 8 months now?

Now to upgrade soldier for higher rank you need to go to PERKS tab in your soldier menu and spend some bronze orders there. Of course, first you need to unlock higher star level with squad upgrade related to that soldier.


I didnt remember academy I watched a youtube video on it. I started last week. Ahhh ok I see it in perks thanks so much.