Abysmal matchmaking system

Just because I have a higher rank or rating than average doesn’t mean I want to be stuck with team after team full of absolute losers. Either match up the skill on both teams to ensure an even and enjoyable match, or stop pretending to care about matchmaking.

Nobody pretends to care about balanced matchmaking, because nothing like that has been implented yet.


To my understanding, the only matchmaking the game has is when it comes to player Squads. (Though I’m not 100% about that) And even then it isn’t skill-based, its looks for 4v4s, 3v3s, etc. Besides that, the game tries to put you into a match asap.

Nope, tha game have a matchfinder, it put you in a match thats it

I mean when you squad up with friends. Though I’m certain there have been times where the enemy team is nothing but bots XD.

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It’s a reasonable expectation to assume that the intended purpose of the ‘Military Rank System’ and the related ‘Rating Points’ that were added to the game is to evenly match teams, or at the very least serve some other functional purpose. Otherwise, the development team wasted countless man-hours of their time on implementing a feature that adds absolutely nothing of value, distracting them from solving far more important issues.

Every other game that ranks its players uses that data to create balanced teams when a match is formed. Rank is distinct from campaign level. By adding in a ranking system when there wasn’t one previously, Enlisted is pretending to care about matchmaking by implementing either a useless ranking system, or a defective ranking system that has been left unfixed. In either scenario, the issue needs to be raised so it may eventually be solved, and solved properly.