About Tiger II in Berlin

Didn’t Tiger II P been replace by Tiger II H in 1945. ? Tiger II P discontinue in 1944. 1945 is all about Tiger II H and JadgTiger.

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Tiger II H cant be destroyed by basically anything on the battlefield right now, and the Jagdtiger would be even worse, how would you balance them? by giving soviets IS 3?

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Well it was officially replaced, but German couldn’t really “replace” anything that was in service by 1944, they really needed every gun, tank and plane they had, regardless of if it was outdated or not.


Im convinced, they took the P version because it has that weak point on the turret. The H would be absolute indestructable.
But you know what, if the sovs can have indestructable tanks on moscow so shall we too.


Is the same about T 34 - 85 vs Panzer IV

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Panzerfaust 100 and is2 can pen tiger 2 h turret.

shut up, everytimes the game avantage soviets so dont complain when u finaly encounter difficulties


All I am saying is that you dont “fix” the game, by giving both player sides one overpowered vehicle on one specific campaign. T34 with no counter and King Tiger H with no counter.
Tho i gotta say Tiger H would be on a whole different lvl, basically only the SU100 should somewhat be able to take it out.

You dont fix stuff by making it broken on purpose.

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meme here we go


I am an axis main, and I guess you cant comprehend ppl that want balance instead of an advantage?

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guess you are right, just checked, didnt know the IS2 had 2 different version with different weapons. The late war gun DT 25 had 200mm of pen, impressive.

Lategame Berlin is axis biased enough, so YOU should shut up, sir.

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Soviet main detected, oh you can’t easily steamroll? Oh the tragedy.


There were still a Few “P’s” in service even at the end of the war


It wasn’t discontinued per say. The Tiger II P uses the pre production turret and before the vehicle entered mass production Krupp was ordered to redesign the turret to eliminate the shot trap on the cheeks and simplify the design to speed up manufacturing. They only made about 50 of those turrets on the Tiger II P and pretty much all of them saw service. None however were withdrawn and or refitted with the redesigned turret and they continued to see service until the end of the war. I however cannot find and documentation if a Tiger II with the early turret was present during the battle of Berlin. It is entirely possible though as they were not all destroyed.

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I’ve not seen any specific reference for that myself, but the developers don’t really care about that kind of thing, a lot of the vehicles and weapons and aircraft that we have in the different chapters we’re not really present during those Specific campaigns, nor did a great many of them see service at all…

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Tiger 2 has weak points on its turret

T-50 and T-34 have literally the same weak spots on their turrets

“Soviet main” ain’t an argument.

Still, Berlin currently is the most balanced campaign after all.

i think Normandy is better " For tanks"