Ability to Drag Downed allies out of the line of fire if they aren't dead yet

So I thought of this idea, where if you or your squadmate and or teammate gets knocked down, you have the chance to pull them out of the line of fire if they aren’t dead yet.


cool feature, I think this’ll also be helpful when you want to help out allies but don’t have any spare medikits

Healing system here is a relic of a battle royale, another placeholder that is desperately begging to be entirely replaced with something designed to fit the purpose.

As for this particular idea, I seriously doubt that anything this slow and methodic has any place in a dumb meat grinder / bot farm we have in Enlisted. Soldiers lives are almost entirely worthless, there’s no way anyone would drag anyone to safety outside of roleplay.

I second this. This may have a place in a more drawn-out, more methodical game, but not Enlisted. Unless there is going to be a fundamental change within the way Enlisted is played (which is highly unlikely), I doubt we will see this feature implemented. Too much happening too fast for dragging your squadmate/teammate to safety to work, unfortunately.

If you add something like this then we would need a system to bring dead squad mates back alive.

First we’d need a system for your squad mates to have at least some value. At the moment their value is zero or often even negative outside of several meta setups. Then we’d need a system for players to bother preserving soldiers them instead of just respawning 3-5 seconds from combat and 5-20 seconds away from where you died.

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