A13 vs Daimler AC

It feels like those two vehicles should swap the position in Tunisian campaign. Daimler should be default vehicle and A13 unlock as it really doesn’t feel like it is an upgrade at all. It is faster but A13 is not that slow tank compared to Italian M13 snail but that is where all advantages end. It has paper armor so anything can pen it, AT rifles with no problems and on top of that it has smaller and cramped crew which further decrease its survivability. AB41 can just spray it with its 20mm auto cannon and it is usually done. And armament is the same so for me it is straight downgrade rather than upgrade and the extra speed won’t save you since you blow up just by any other tank or AT trooper looks at you.


glad got Daimler from Twitch drop and give verdict of useless tin can.


except for m14 all tier 1 vehicles in tunisia are worse than each other, ab41 is op for the wrong reason, a13 shouldn’t even have been there, daimler was supposed to be the starter, frankly british vehicles had to be

  1. Daimler
  2. valentine (used by the russians in moscow but not by the british gg dev)
  3. crusader (but we have the american grant)

AB41 is OP mostly because of its broken damage model and zero spalling of 40mm AP solid rounds. So you have to very accurately hit its ammo rack or crew and you often need to do it multiple times as the damage calculation is ridiculous.
But A13 was the best British had in the France and early Africa so it surely has its place there.

Lee great until poormans Stug rolls in.

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A13 mk2 was withdrawn from service in 1941 after only 1 year (1940-1941) the tunisian campaign is set in 1942 so the A13 was not supposed to be there

I still consider campaigns more like theaters as the equipment is never strictly on date.

for now it is not and inserting vehicles or weapons that are no longer in service at the beginning of the campaign is just to make levels

Nah it does have a use. I like it when allies park it in front of my grant and provide some extra armour, if you will

The grant is a british tank, modification of imported lees, though i am hoping we get something bigger later in the tree (as long as axis do as well)

In 13 days the axis took the stug or the tiger the allaies a sherman or churchill

they had Tiger I their

yeah, i was hoping for the churchill

true, that’s the lineup ive been expecting, churchill vs tiger

Brits DID use the Grant. In fact the name Grant is only for the Brit version. United staters used the Lee.

But the crusader is more sexy with the actual campaign based on powercreep we never se him :slightly_frowning_face:


That I agree on, the Grant looks like Notre Dame’s hunchback :stuck_out_tongue:

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i’ve got to see a lee in person and yeah it looks very weird

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Which twitch drop was Daimler?

2/3 months ago they give the Daimler full star with twich drop (just a different skin and it is already upgraded)

The one in september.
Here i got all Twitch drops that have been in game soo far.