A ruling on the “Not a step back!” event

Dear friends, we’ve recently uncovered an exploit that allowed the players to earn an unfair amount of points by healing allies as a Medic.

We’ve fixed the issue, but, unfortunately, in the “Not a Step Back!” competition some unscrupulous players have used the exploit to earn extra points. Competitive events are meant to be fair to all participants, and as such we consider those actions to be unacceptable.

We thank all the vigilant players who have reported this issue to us, and hereby pronounce our ruling. The game sessions where a player used an exploit to earn extra points were excluded from calculation of their rating. As a result, such players lost leading positions or even left the scoreboard, depending on how much they’ve used the exploit.

Also we would like to congratulate other participants of the event with well earned places and rewards. You are great!


you late,fox
can i ask for the 10% number?
someone said they had stand 850± place,but they haven‘t get 10% reward


Q. Why didn’t you block the violators?
A. dishonest players had very few such fights. Most - 9 fights. When they realized that this exploit did not provide significant advantages, they abandoned this activity.
The problem was not so serious, besides it is our fault. We approach punishments strictly, but fairly.


Hi, great job, please give us British pilot and soldiers, I don’t see them, I see Soviet, American only?

Is it conceivable that this would change the points (even if only slightly) of someone who did not take advantage of the exploit? I guess you didn’t manually review people’s battles, but recalculated battlerating (e.g. with maximized assist points).


Hell yeah!!!

Thank you keo, even tho it probably won’t change a thing on the leaderbord. Nice move.

When we get said rewards?

Also, for future note/feedback, give a total number of participants so we know we met the top 10 or what ever percentage.


This is unlikely. We just found fights in which players used the exploit and removed them. points are calculated automatically.

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congratulations, top10 dude

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I do not know. I’m not playing now. But according to the situation yesterday afternoon, that was quite likely. I thought you’d still regain fifth place tonight but what turned out to be an unfounded assumption.

It’s a shame, many athletes who compete in the Olympics game have also worked out many hours to compete, but they have all been banned for doping even once. There should be no tolerance for dishonesty. Ironically, @65984420 is the only one who try to DEFEND himself even though he recoginized his dishonest. Such hypocrisy and dishonesty is so horrifying, he even deservers permenant ban in the event.




Could you please post anything in the forum after learning some English?

Nice name.

English please.


He is accusing me and defending his friend who does dishoesty

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I am the 7th guy, i have tried my best to maintain my rank.
12 console players among top25, slaughtering bots to be pro, what a joke

PS: forgive me for my poor eng LOL


More precise translate: Why are you so hurry(he means I try to explose their dishonesty while half of the russian forum is reporting them), it does no help lmao, it’s all over.


I envy your patience to even Translate that


if game made matches pc with console, then there would not be a single console player in the table)

Also, congratulations on 1st place.


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