A New Game Mode and Locations

Maybe the larger reinforcement pool since it’s possible for farm a lot of xp with that mode, also I hope all Campaigns have this mode when released

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This mode would be enough to make me switch to Normandy entirely, no joke.
Also the new farms map look perfect for light, fast and low profile tanking play! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Maybe we will get some stealthy TDs for Normandy as well like a certain hetzer :wink:

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Great news. Cant wait to play the new game mode.

I want the hell cat. :3

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I do too, and I even seen one in person

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Love this new maps, I noticed when flying near werbig a bridge and and some house, looking all too aligned and perfect to be a dev just throwing some background here and there, I was right!

Love this game, keep up the good work, give me more premiums, I’ll buy as I can, also as recognition of work you have done :+1:

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Great news. Looking foward to play it.


Hopefully matches will last and isn’t like current train mode where the matches are way to fast.

Lost interest in that mode since devs made it 2 point only.


When will these be updated in the game?

Will it appear in its current half-baked state or can we expect actual Customization 2.0?


Then players should be rewarded for doing so… going through painful grind for the same type of weapon is just not fun and discourages people from playing more campaigns…
Permanent exp boost for levels that are already unlocked in another campaigns should be introduced to lower this grind for same weaponry. (Transfering weapons is nice feature, but in the end it is meaningless since you need to unlock the level in the first place)

Let me give you an example: You have unlocked brand new weapon after long grind. And then there is another campaign, where the same weapon must be unlocked again. Why should that player want to go through literally the same type of long grind again for something that is copy-pasted? Now, when such level would come with exp booster that will start on opening the previous level, and lasts until the level you need to unlock again is completed, that would motivate people to play more campaigns.

As for the mode, I´m looking forward to it, maybe it will convince me to return into more active playing afterwards.

I wouldn´t get my hopes up… we are probably going to get same type of customization that people “enjoy” in Stalingrad.

When will you release once and for all the Reichstag assault instead copy past already existing places of Seelow heights 2 major updates in a row for Berlin…

Very Nice

Yeah sad thing what they did to that Train Mode.

Hope for 30-60 Minute Matches.


Could Normandy Axis got some love this major update? The only useful things for 2 major updates is tiger. A Stg variant does 9.6 damage and have decent accuracy would be nice.

BA, SMG and LMG changes on other campaigns please :pray:

Please Devs, look that Suggestions from this User in Forum, @30101451
You will give Yourself a Favor, safe Time and easy Money.
She did all you will want and need

Oh yes, the new game mode always welcome! :drooling_face:

Might as well call this mode not “Confrontation” but “Warfare”

Hopefully the maps will be a lot larger meaning gray zones will be less restrictive, opening the idea for more flank routes


Wow, so you decide to bring Verdun game’s frontline mode to Enlisted?

But in Verdun, the game has time limit instead, not respawn tickets, to better control match duration. Win or lose are determined when time over, which side has advanced. Or one side captured the last defend position of the loser.

So funny to see now Verdun’s successor switching to most FPS’s single direction attack. But Enlisted goes the opposite way.