A little suggestion about the offensive and defensive manpower in invasion mode

Now the infinite advantage of the defender’s manpower is too obvious, so I imagine a new attack and defense mechanism.
When the defender loses a certain amount of manpower at one point, the defender needs to retreat and give up this point to defend the next point, and at the same time increase the attacker’s manpower by a certain amount.
Hope you guys can give some advice to balance the huge gap between offense and defense.


Could just… design maps better so that defenders can’t hold a zone while taking huge losses lol

For defenders:
-Limit defender reserves 1000
-when defender loses a point also make them lose reserves.
-for every 10 minute defender will gain reserves for holding the point succesfully.
You may say " but attackers are disadvataged why dfders have same reserves ? " well… balance issues.
Most of the playerbase is not playing tactical or newbies
And playerbase gap is huge in campaigns like tunisia, moscow etc …
Defenders somethimes do not even care some point on open areas since they are hard to defend. With possibility of lose reserves but also to gain, they will fight to bitter end.
For attackers: after capturing long held points and losing too much men they shold gain more man.
All objectives count as one, in nilitary sense this is b.s.
Rigged , woodes, urban areas are easy to defens hard to conquer.
Capturing more defensible points should give attackers more reserve points then flatlands
With this system, battles will protract longer also.

the reserves every 10 minutes are not a good idea. the match has only 25 minutes so it would give only two reserves in the whole game (that if you managed to hold enough time)

I just want a fucking minute long timer until the Attackers can start rushing. So many matches are shitty because there is almost no reasonable amount of time to set up fortifications or rally points upon losing a Zone.

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