A Indepth Character Customizer

I would like to see some kind of in-depth character customization screen based upon the area in which you are fighting and the division of which your playing. I would like to see a screen that allows you to change characters’ names and faces/physical characteristics. Some sort of preset of heads and or a preset of heads, hairstyles/bears, and eye colors would be really cool and would honestly get me more invested. Finally for the customization based on area and division why not open up to a screen that allows you to edit the uniforms and ranks/insignias kinda like the tank customization you guys have in War Thunder. Maybe even some custom helmets and uniforms with some paraphernalia on them, or that could be some sort of decoration screen.


do you really have a error when logged on

I agree. I’d love some character/uniform customization. I’d also love to change my soldiers’ names (within reasonable limits of course - maybe limit it to some preset names/surnames so we don’t have 100s of Adolphs Hitlers or Poopy McPoopensteins).


Ya like some names of German heroes mixed in with some more modern names. Some germans would name their children after the German heroes of legend.

IIRC the other players never see the name of the individualö squad soldiers of others, right? So naming the soldiers should not be an issue as it’s only for yourself.

I actually wanted to suggest the very same thing, as I really liked that feature in other games (where I could name for example the crew of my B-17 bomber): It’s more immersive and has a certain appeal. Not to speak of the sometimes very unusual strange names especially for German soldiers that always annoy me. Sure, all viable names, but very rare ones - and I have yet to see a Hans or Joseph…

But Fedor, Giselher and Ingwer (should at least be Ingvar)? Really?!? German is my mothertongue, but I had to google them to verify them as actual names…


Maybe the future could also bring individual skins, or at least exchangeable equipment (Helmets, parkas,…) to customize the soldiers.

Think War Thunder, where one can put decals on vehicles, or Fortnite etc. with it’s skins and backblingies or whatzittheyrecalled…

The other players can see the name of your soldier in the after-action report, if one of your soldiers gets decorated with some reward like “Top Player” or “Best Radioman”, but apart from that - no.

apparently, character customization was supposed to be a thing during the open beta, and here i quote the dev on the dev blog:

but for some unknonw reasons, unfortunally it’s not a thing yet.
so i guess we’ll have to wait.


I’d also like to add a squad name customizer. Preset numbers and meanings, so “2nd Grenadier Squad” or “33st Rifle Squad”, stuff like that

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At least allow us to choose on the academy which soldier we wanna keep for FREE.

Really need character customization right now, I would like to use various helmets/hats in my squad like officer hats, or change the uniform.