A Great Annoyance

So I’m sniping in a tower when I find myself caught in a “grey zone”. This proceeds to kill me before I am half way down the stairs. In the same game I do a little shooting, and I have to go to the bathroom, the devs talked about a 3 minute AFK time. I come back in what must be under 2 minutes, and I am kicked from the game. Worse yet, there is no way of rejoining. This is very demotivating.
My suggestion is reverting the last major change to the “grey zone”. It wasn’t too long ago when I was talking about how perfect it was, but now it is changed and it is very annoying and threatening to be caught in. My other suggestion is having a 3 minute AFK timer like was described in a dev update. It is not unreasonable.

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If you check your minimap, you’ll notice a slight flashing of the greyzone, signaling that it will close soon, use this time to start moving to another sniping position.
(About the AFK time I’d have to test that out with a timer and such at some other time if I even bother but I’m sure you just lost track of time on accident)


I know that the map tells me when the zone changes, don’t talk to me like I’m an idiot. I am fine with that, I still don’t like how much shorter they made the time. As I said, I did not even have the time to leave the building I was in. And I am sure that I left the game for less than 3 minutes, I can track time fine.

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The zone change is announced long before it happens.
You can see it flashing on the map and you can hear it being called out.
If you dont have enough time to leave the building, you missed several warnings or just waited too long.

They made the time greyzone kills you the same everywhere, as it was different in different maps. It shouldn’t be an issue if you’re not sitting on the complete edge of the map when your team takes a point and continuing to stay there. If you’re moving right when your team’s about to cap a point then you should be fine.

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Are you insane? I was right behind our point, a block away. We lost it, and our next point was right behind me, a block away, and I was caught. You are missing my point entirely that the “grey zone” time was drastically reduced in the last big update, I am not the only one to notice.

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Don’t be slow to reposition then, greyzone doesn’t close that fast. If it was fast though, what map did it happen on for what side?

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Skill issue.


When you’re in the gun site it’s pretty easy to forget that the zone is changing, that F’en zone has killed me several times and it does piss me off to see the least, The map does have several super retarded audio cues that could be replaced by some thing a little bit more helpful like: the zone is about to change

Well… there is your first mistake ^. A good sniping position must have:

  • A good field of view on the battlefield
  • must provide concealment
  • must provide cover
  • must provide a quick way to get away if things turn south

In the case of towers of all types, it’s the most obvious place a sniper would be and it’s the first place i look for enemy snipers. Also in a tower you tend to silhouete yourself quite easily and that removes concealment from the list. But the biggest issue is that you can’t get away fast from a tower and you can end up in a situation where the ground area is full of enemies and you can’t move.

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Actually that has happend to me a couple of times. And it’s weird when you end up 80m in front of the objective while engaging enemies and the game decides that you’re not where you’re supposed to be. And you can’t really stop fighting and relocate because you’d be dead in 3 seconds