A gift for Xbox One players

Dear fighters, for a couple of weeks since the release of the “Battle for Stalingrad” campaign, Xbox One users might have encountered issues that could negatively impact their enjoyment.

By now we have finished fixing the problems and as an apology we’d like to offer Xbox One players a small gift that will be added to their accounts within a week from this announcement going live. Log into the game to claim:

  • 3+3 silver orders for weaponry and troops;
  • 10+10 bronze orders for weaponry and troops.

Each player that has logged into the game from an Xbox One from March 30th to April 14th will receive this gift set. As a reminder, Xbox Series X|S users have already received a separate apology gift.


I’m on Ps5 but nice gesture, good job!

I’m on pc, but I find this is nice from the devs.



Nice?, mate i can do this small gift in an couple of hour of game, for me at least they have to give free 100 gold to the xbox user


It’s nice… Because they don’t owe anything to xbox users. They didn’t have to give anything 🤷 You know what they say, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”

Also, we’re exceptions, of course we can earn this kind of reward easily and pretty fast by just playing, but that might not be the case for everyone (there’s many casual players you know)

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Thank you for compensating players on Xbox. I know I was bummed since I bought Stalingrad on release day and couldn’t play. With a little patience though everything has been brought to normal on the Xbox platform from what I’ve experienced. (I play both Xbox One and a Series S, both versions of the game as well)

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You dont see the xbox technical issue right?

These newbies don’t deserve these

oh ? they do owe them an apology for technical issues that took so long, every principled employee would do the same to his customers along with som gift atop of it all

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True… But remember it’s gaijin we’re talking about. So even if the consolation seems small, xbox users can consider themselves lucky to have anything at all is what I’m saying.

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im suprised as well, that my expectations were partially fulfilled speaking about at least some compensation