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Good Day Everyone,

First of all, Enlisted is amazing. Let’s be clear. I have not played a better ww2 shooter since world at war (cod). With destruction like bf games and combat like cod. It is really a great experience everyday I hop on.

With that being said, there are a few things that new players will be turned off about.

Crossplay can be very frustrating sometimes when people on mouse and keyboard don’t miss a shot lol.

I can handle this, but many people get discouraged of this fact. Cod really screwed console players with this, and I know enlisted is different.

I’m not comparing the two because enlisted is by far the better choice. If there was the option for console crossplay only that would be a good way to give controller players a fair chance.

I have tried showing my friends this game, but they get immediately discouraged when they are put into games with a bolt action rifles, and the enemies have far superior semi automatic rifles.

Though yes, I understand the need for progression. It is a huge turn off when they are getting destroyed in close quarter combat. I explained to them that it takes time to get the semi automatic rifles, but with school, and work. They don’t really have the time to grind it out like I do.

Progression in this game takes a lot of time. I mean alot of time. It takes a good amount of time to get the semi auto rifles. And when you pair that with 1 out of 3 riflemen squads being able to have smgs , it takes a toll on the new player base.

Im not a developer, I’m not a critic, regardless of all that being said, after investing time I have a great set of soldiers.

It would keep the game really interesting if we could keep doing battle pass tasks everyday, instead of just limiting them to just three a day.

I personally enjoy doing battle pass tasks, it keeps me coming back everyday. It challenges me to try different campaigns and weapons. I play for about 4-6 hours a day, and the daily rewards is a good idea for loyal players. Something COD and Battlefield don’t seem to care about is loyal players.

Another issue I’m having after 3days of battle time in this game, is flame troopers. They are by far the most broken troop in the game.

I can build sandwalls, mounted machine guns, barbed wires, Czech hedgehogs and dig trenches. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING can counter a flame troopers unless you have flame troopers.

Flame troopers flamethrowers go thru walls, floors, thru sandbags if you’re proned besides them and when you’re proned in trenches.

Not only that, but the key bind for Xbox players requires you to hold the down button on the dpad. The dpads on Xbox controllers are finicky. With everything else mapped fine, sometimes you can mash the dpad down and it doesn’t work at all. Giving flame troopers another broken mechanic.

I changed my key bind to just pressing down on the dpad on for medkits and putting flames out. (You won’t find a key bind to put out fires, it’s the same as medkits fyi)

I think a good way to nerf them fairly, is to reduce the amount of ammunition they have from 200 to 100, and make the key bind to put out flames just pressing the down dpad and not holding it. They should lose more fuel quicker as well. All it takes is a 3 second burst to take out a squad.

They can run into an objective and hold the objective on their own with one flame trooper. And continue to hold the objective until they run out of fuel.

This happens alot in Normandy bunkers, when the flame troopers get close enough they can spam the flamethrower and go thru concrete walls and clear a room, bunker, and hangar of 20 men with just one flame trooper.

I understand the need for flame troopers, but when you are facing a team that knows this broken mechanic, they will roll right through you if you’re defending. You don’t have enough time to put the fire out.

Another thing I think would be a great mechanic is letting the defending team know where the next objectives are. So engineers on the defending team can have ample time to prepare defenses for their team.

Countless times I will try and build defenses for my team, on the current objective, and I always die before I’m able to get enough fornications built. I have no idea where the next objective is, and with no spawn protection when the game first start, engineers are stressed with trying to keep up. I’m a huge engineer fan, I enjoy building and seeing my team use my fortifications.

A few bugs on Xbox, when you’re on a mounted machine gun, sometimes the game will glitch when you exit the gun, and put the camera under the map. This happens when you build the rear of the mounted machine gun near a hole, trench or indentation in the dirt. The only way to fix this is to kill your squad and hop in a tank. Go to the gunner and use the scope. After I do this the camera resets to how it’s supposed to be used.

Another bug is when you try picking up a weapon next to a fortification, you will see the options to destroy the fortification (right stick) and either pick up the weapon or hold to pick up the weapon (both x).

Enlisted is the best ww2 I have played in 15 years, I cannot believe how amazing the quality and the immersion of the gameplay. You guys do a great job of updating and letting the player base know what’s going on.

Thank you very much for bringing this amazing game free to play for us WW2 FPS fans, I am looking forward to the changes to come. Keep up the great work team!

~Michael Rodriguez
Xbox: Disdrunkguy
Rank: General of the Army (261)

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1: Console should be able to disable crossplay with PC, PC on the other hand cannot
2: You REALLY overestimate PC players, or just Enlisted players in general. I’ve seen many players effectively lack basic motor skills

Luckily being fixed with the progression rework coming soon :tm:, but for now just gotta rely on the better aim and how you get to one shot kill and they need 2

Depends on the campaign you’re playing for how long until you get a good semi-automatic rifle, Normandy / Berlin are easy go-tos for quick access to said semi autos, and yeah, progression can feel pretty slow after a point, all comes down to your performance as a player.

A gun. Just shoot back, you see that they have a flamethrower, shoot them first. If you’re too close, get out a frag and take them with you.

Really all that’s needed is for them to fix how the fire can clip through terrain. Flames hurt, a lot. Apart from the bug, they’re fine, they do their job.

I mean yeah, if nobody thinks to throw a frag around the corner or say, not fire their gun, it can happen. I’ve done it many times and it has failed many times due to the mentioned solutions.

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Thanks for not ripping me apart lol. I just joined the forum.

I’ve been playing on Xbox one x. I know PC players are not as good as I think they are. But sometimes man, I get destroyed by someone on PC, no matter how much I try to shoot back at them. It like sometimes they have AIMBOT lol.

I usually cook a grenade when I see a flame trooper coming. Sometimes though, the slightest flame hits you and my soldier drops the nade to the ground. When you shoot at them when they are on fire, you can’t see anything and your aim is just non existent.

Appreciate the response! Hopefully the rework addresses some of the progression

Nah, that’s just the bots lmao, they’re still a bit janky at the moment.

But yeah, takes some time to figure out how to deal with something, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it at some point :heart:


Thanks bud! See you out there!

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as an flametrower user, and flametrower victim, the flametrower class in normandy its specially in a low level, so, try another campaing, it can be more soft than the chaotic normandy, if you go normandy the chaos its in all the map, phosforus, tigers, jumbo
try tunisia, or moscow, its more soft and enjoyable


Yeah Normandy is just crazy. I played the Normandy map for like 60 hours before I tried something new. I really liked Tunisia, it was a very peaceful experience like you said lol. When this cross progression comes out, every campaign is gonna be chaotic with flametroopers and white phosphorus. Unless I’m wrong noone knows what they got planned ultimately. Fire in this game is a double edged sword. A sword that is razor sharp. White phosphorus goes thru walls as well as the flamethrower does

I’d say you should be able to reload while on fire since on most guns has the animation of a reload fully finish before you get reset from fire damage


That too, basically fix bugs related to it, which I guess indirectly nerfs it

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They definitely need a nerf of some kind

No, they do not. Just understand how they work and their limitations. They need bug fixes on the fire going through walls and floors, and that solves the major issue they have

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thing is that it’s not a bug, they purposefully made it so you can’t reload while on fire

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The only limitation they have is only having one squad with them… They can clear an entire army in an objective with one 8 second burst. Especially now that they have made objective capture zones smaller, this makes them even more broken.

I was just playing against the axis on Normandy. Someone had both the 275th Pioneer Battalion (flammenwerfer 35), and the 352nd Pioneer Squad (flammenwerfer 41) trooper squads… Guess how that battle went

Unfortunately some people are toxic, and you want to tell me the flamethrowers don’t need any kind of nerf or balancing?

Just makes some matches unbearable to play

Solution: Fight back

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Maybe you’re right. But the weapon sway when you’re on fire plus your screen going completely red makes it next to impossible to fight back

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Yeah just started cross console play only and it’s no different lmao thanks for letting me know there was an option


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This isn’t cod zombies lmao that’s what he says when you pick up a nuke

My guy drops the nade as soon as fire touches him. And when I switch to another squad member it won’t let me throw another one while on fire. Any suggestions?

Start cooking it and walk towards the guy, dying won’t stop the grenade from being live