A few problems I met these days

1.This is a problem I met since the last big update.when I join a battle that has already started for a while,espicially when the two sides have already made their first kills,I will run into the following problems:I will not be able to control my soldiers to move ; I can only turn my view for about 120 degrees in front of me with a strange weapon display ; I can’t switch to another soldier ; if I press the left mouse to shoot,it will continue firing until the magazine is empty and it can’t be reloaded.(For custom model,If I quit and rejoin,this can be fixed)
2.I have just met this problem today.I ran into this for two different performance,but both of them happened when I picked up a weapon from my squad.For the first time,when using the picked one,the weapon can fire normally and the enemy showed to be hit, but they actually take no damage and there is no feedback on my screen.For the second time,I thrown my weapon in hand to pick up the dropped one,than I can’t aim by pressing any button and I can’t attack with all my weapons including the knife(but still able to throw grenades)
3.This is a long lasting one.When driving a tank, I hold the mouse button and the cannon will fire before it is actually loaded,there will be a damage display so that I know that it actually hit the target (the loading ring isn’t ready and there is no audio or fire,than I can fire a fake shoot with audio and fire but no damage).This happens no matter I have the loader’s skill or not.
these problems really affect the experience,I hope they can be fixed soon.

You literally replace a bot. Sometimes I join and get personal kill feeds at the bottom but no XP.
Point 1 and 2 are strange, never experienced them.
Point 3 is actually a server desync and not a bug. If you are tanking, always press the shooting button constantly, so that you get a faster shot.

I don’t think I really replace a bot for I am still able to spawn as my own squad and it seems that long before the update only some of the soldiers are out of control but they just behave like the other Ai controlled squad members(The influence is less, at least they are still able to make kills while I can switch to a normal one ).
For those kills without xp,it seems that when you haven’t deployed,anyone who quit the game will be shown as your kill.
It will be reasonable If the third one is a server problem and I do think the partly of the second one is due to the same problem