7.62x25mm Tokarev damage increase

It should do more damage than 9x19mm Parabellum, or at least have next to no damage dropoff up to 100 metres.

I regret buying the LAD for this reason, its ******* *******


would you like to have aim-assist as well while having hard time with above mentioned guns that suffer from large magazine, high rof and small dispersion ?


After using the beretta m1 for the past month the Soviet SMGs are impossible to control because of the sensitivity i play on

Oh, I also sometimes wakeup in middle of night to my own screaming, I just dont get it how in 2023 you are forced to certain sensitivity.
If only there was a way to do something about it.


You know what ill lower it but what do i do when someone is behind me or i need to turn quickly?

HAHA, funny joke

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You can check the files yourself.
Currently the ppsh has least dispersion.

funny joke indeed.


PPSh-41: 0.82
PPD-40: 0.8
Okay dispersion (imo): 0.05

They are SMGs, not sniper rifles.


with the latest datamines its around 0.25

which is less than Mkb for example.


PPSh-41 box and PPSh-41 drum are 2 different weapons. And Iā€™m pretty sure, OP was talking about 71-round nazi-cutter. And drum PPSh has dispersion of 0.82

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Name: PPSh-41

Data name: ppsh_41_gun

aka PPSH

Type: submachine gun

Weight: 5.3kg

Firing mode: Automatic, Semi-auto

Magazine name: ppsh_drum

Magazine size: 71

Ammunition: 7mm25

Rounds/min: 905.45 - 996(average: 950.73)

Effective Range:

Maximum Range: 2000

Bullet speed: 460

Shot dispersion: 0.25

Sights zeroing distance: 100



Where did you get this?

Soviet Union suffers
gieb dual wield ppshs pls


Without drum ofc.

Bend over.

Omfg they are really whining about the weakness of the russian SMGs ? are u functionnal ?

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7.62x25mm Tokarev is historicaly more powerful than 9x19mm Parabellum.

Cry more France man!

And historically i seriously dubt you can full auto 71 bullets with so much recoil or spread XD

And more of that you play on console :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Combo casu

As we can see the PPSH has no recoil ;p