2 Issues about Missions: No more capture point A/B/C in Tunisia

2 Issues about Missions: No more capture point A/B/C in Tunisia

I have been playing only in Tunisia for around 3 weeks and in the first week we had few ABC capturing matches but since then nothing, and I play every day. Those matches are fun, and it would be nice to have them back in Tunisia. Also, there is an achievement we can’t finish (capture 10 points) which is possible to finish if that type of match is not popping up.

And second issue for me and my friends is that matches should be a bit more randomly spawned, when we join a game, and we defend, we literally, almost every day defend for at least 5 matches.
It would be nice to have some alternative random matching system that doesn’t allow that. It’s boring, annoying and doesn’t help us to finish our tasks in time at times.

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go in custom battle and finish it

Good idea, but are all custom matches ABC capturing? If not, how can filter through and just join those?

There is 1 map that does conquest in Tunisia and it’s the city part where majority of buildings are, and yes it’s still in rotation.

Edit: Conquest=ABC

I don’t see a filter for the Conquest=ABC https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/765688291554230302/976620708018917446/unknown.png

oh I see it now on the right side of the info section, umm nothing in Tunisia. But thanks.

and all the partially full servers left, none has Conquest, too bad, it’s the most fun one. So bored of all the other modes tbh.