[] Type 2a SMG has insane recoil with -40% vert recoil perk

As the title says; both video examples I have my soldiers with -40% vertical recoil. I pick up a Type 2a SMG off the ground, and when trying to shoot the camera goes haywire.

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I don’t think it’s the type of gun causing the problem, I think it’s any gun you pickup off the floor

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Oh yea now all weapons from the ground in pacific do this, but normal weapons is fine

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It’s a sekrit Japanese technology. Only the Japanese owner, a son of the glorious empire of the sun, can use these tools effectively.

The invading dogs, enemy of our regal Emperor (may he live forever) cannot use them well.


It’s normal. Like that you can aim straight up camping snipers up the cliffs. The gun is holy, respect it or leave it.

this update omfg …

I have encountered the same bug but only when I pick-up the Type Otsu rifle. All other weapons I have pick-up have been fine.