[] MKb 42(H) not avaiable

In the Stalingrad Campaign the shop description of the MKb 42(H) does state it is avaiable for the following classes:

  • Assaulter
  • Rifleman
  • Engineer

(See Screenshot)

But when I want to equip the rifle it tells me the Rifleman class can not equip the weapon.

Please fix this bug by allowing me to quip the weapon as intended.


It was like that when the campaign was realsed but It was too OP so they nerfed It.

they still didnt correct the text

You can only equip it as an engineer …

yeah but the description still say otherwise

no, they did that before the campaign was released due to backlash of it being handed out like candy


it was initially thought to equip riflemen and engineers but not assaults, but following community feedback, they changed that and made it impossible to put a mkb42(h) on riflemen but only on assaults and engineers. the devs just forgot to remove it

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It should be either way, correct the misleading text hint or get rid of the restriction so that the text is correct.