[] Battletaskes completed of the previous days still " occupy " the new ones of the day After

a bit of context:

known “bug”, still present.

Main Issue:

as the title roughly brief. battle taskes completed of different days takes a space of the new day.

so, yesterday, i completed 9 battle taskes but i didn’t claimed 2 of them because it was late and i was tired.

so, when today i logged on, i claimed those battle taskes but i lost 2 challenges for the current day.


when i claimed the battle tasks today:

When i found out i still miss 2 challenges despite i only completed 6 tasks ( and still have to do the last 1. which today i only made 7 tasks and couldn’t do 9 per usual ):

makes literally no sense.
the task that i have completed should have counted for the day i completed them. not when i claim them.


2022_04_18_18_41_40__11040.clog (11.0 MB)
( yesterday )

2022_04_19_09_53_35__18404.clog (4.1 MB)
( today )

To be honest why not just click that claim button if those task was completed?


Another example: If your next reward will be the booster but you know you wont use it the next 18h, you simply dont claim it.

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that as well.

You can claim tasks but dont reward. so that booster will bew saved and you can do and claim as many taskes as you want without losing anything. At example playing whole week and claim all REWARDS at sunday so thats 21 reward at 1 day, all boosters included.

But if i understood right, problem here is to click that completed task and it literally takes 2 secs. Or mayby i got something wrong…

living up to your nickname to these days i see.

let me make it more simple for you.
as apparently it wasn’t clear enough.

claiming rewards/challenges on a different day should not take up nor replace the newer ones of different days.

happy now?.
if that’s not clear, maybe you are missing quite on more actually.

uh oh… good old name joke. so refreshing…

So problems is clicking that ‘task completed’ icon… sure if its so hard to someone to actually spend 2seconds to claim reward after using 15minutes to complete that task, mayby devs should automate whole claiming process