( Please, fix this name for M5A1 Rhino! It is pain for my eyes!

Please just change it to capital letters. It looks discusting. Please as perfectionist, I can’t sleep at nights becouse of it. FIx it!

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First world problems


If I had to choose between solve world hunger and fix this I would choose fix this lol.
But seriously, I know it’s not a big problem, but it is propably very easy to change or fix this, and of course many players won’t even see a change as it is event-reward tank but it would be cool if they could change it

Yeah, what i would love if i could change names of Division in game, it rips my eyes to see them only in English language, i would like for them to be in German for Germany, Russian for Soviets etc.
Like instead of 91th Infantry division i would see: 91. Luftlande Infanterie-Division.


Translations are good option. Devs should think about that