[] Germany Sniper Scope Interfered by Shoulder

Campaign/Faction : Battle of Moscow/Germany

Weapon in Screenshot : Kar98K w/ Scope

Bug Description : Whenever i use Germany sniper, under certain condition the shoulder of the soldier i take control keeps interfering the scope, it can be only a little on the edge of the screen or takes the majority of the screen (the screenshot is the example of major interfering)

Bug Triggers : Triggered when aiming while going prone, crouch, or aiming up.

Times i got the bug : Most of the time, happened randomly (going in and out scope view for example, 3 from 5 tries will trigger the bug according to my experience).

Bug Effects on Gameplay : You can still shot and hit enemies, as the weapon isn’t blocked by anything. But major and probably annoying bug to encounter while trying to do a sniper role because of the blocked view/sights.

I hope this is the right place to post this particular bug, Thank you in advance.

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