[] Battle Tasks Disappearing/Missing


After todays patch to I noticed that after completing a battle task it would disappear after I pressed the green “click to complete button”. When the first task disappeared I didn’t think much about it, however after completing the 2nd and 3rd battle task they too disappeared. Now I do not have any battle tasks left as they are all missing/invisible.

Forgot to include that switching campaigns and running the “Check files” feature in the launcher did not solve the issue. Also its not coming back after completing rounds, completed 3 or 4 with all of the tasks gone and they are still gone.

That seems to be working as intended after latest patch. When you have finished your daily tasks (3 for f2p and 9 for battlepass) they disapear.
My guess is, after those are finished there are no rewards for the daily tasks anymore since the devs moved the rewards towards xp instead of tasks.
After daily reset you should be able to do the 3 or 9 taks again.

Maybe intended, but a really bad desing, they added the “Main battle task” so ppl would have an easy doable task / round to progress the bp.

The problem is that you only get a “new battle task” if you have less than you could complete …
So let’s say you finished 6, you redeem the 7th, you won’t get a new, and if the last 2 is hard, you can’t even get new rerolls on them.

F.e.: This is at 7/9 daily, i have 2 tasks left cause i redeemed the main battle task … and if i would want to reroll those two cause i can’t do them, i coudn’t, cause i can’t get any more task to get reroll / i can’t do the easier battle task anymore to finish the daily.

In my case it doesn’t matter, but ppl already complained about additional task being hard, that’s why we got the main battle task, and now, we’re back to square 1.


I’m with Ungorisz on that one. My task list is empty too.

The list was clearing yesterday and now the list is still empty.

Does anyone know when the daily reset is scheduled?

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10 Minutes ago, there was a refresh, tasks available

I completely agree.

Also it’s possible for at least one of the last challenges to be impossible to complete. If the last challenge is ‘get x amount of kills with a mortar’ and you don’t have a mortar, and have used up all your challenge swaps.

Maybe it’s an oversight, but it feels like an intentional way to make it harder to complete, and very cynical with them adding the ability to progress with gold (real money).

I really hope they add more swaps to resolve this, having certain challenges that are impossible to complete is a really bad design flaw.