Weapons and vehicles of the "Rzhev" update

Oh no, we are getting KV-2 finally. Now that’s a huge surprise to me. I definitely didn’t expect that. :purple_heart:

The thing you have done with Pz IV G… Good job, I like it a lot.
Acces owners can still enjoy something unique, yet everyone can enjoy Pz IV G.

I really love similar nitpick decisions! Definitely good approach.


Anything for dday 80th

SIG KE7 | Military Wiki | Fandom


The KE7 light machine gun was designed by Pál Király and Gotthard End at the SIG small arms factory in Neuhausen am Rheinfall. Production commenced in 1929, with most weapons being exported to the Republic of China chambered for 7.92×57mm Mauser ammunition. The Chinese government purchased 3,025 from Switzerland between 1928 and 1939, and the provincial government of Guangdong purchased 200 KE7s with 4,000 magazines in December 1928. In 1933, Liu Xiang funded Huaxing Machine Works’ acquisition of machinery for a workshop in Chongqing. From 1933 to 1936, it would produce 6,000 KE7 copies. Three months after the war with Japan began, the workshop would be requisitioned by the Chinese government and produce ZB-26 copies after 1939.[2] The KE7 would be used during the Chinese Civil War, the Second Sino-Japanese War[3] and the Korean War. Some KE-7 machine guns were also made in other calibres for export to Latin America[1] and Ethiopia.[4] In 1930, examples were provided for trials being run by the British Army to find a replacement for the Lewis gun, although a modified ZB vz. 26 was finally adopted as the Bren gun.[5]


  • Republic of China: Used at least 3,225 original and 6,000 domestically made examples.
  • People’s Republic of China
  • Ethiopian Empire

Just enough ?? But this update is poor. Nothing noteworthy. Failure.


Looking at the shell data, i think 50m? tho not exactly sure

the HE has 48mm of pen. So it can kill every tank in the game fairly easily except maybe a tiger 2 H


You can preview this vehicle in very old videos though, as it existed in Enlisted’s very early testings.

ah ok i will try out both once it release


Oooooooh!!! :smile::smile::smile:

So much have I wished for thou!

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Where brumbar at


Happy Joe must be happy :slight_smile:

Kv2 is a beast :slight_smile:

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Darkflow will there be anything for dday 80th

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7 vehicles and 2 infantry weapons. Well… the japanese one looks interesting, not sure it will replace my hotchkiss when I move it to BR5, but who knows.

Hope the Rzhev map is good with no obvious objectives open and ready to be abused by the new arty squads.

Other than that… not really liking how the game is basically war thunder porting the past five majors.


Just wait and see. tomorrow will be a big day.


my guess would be event for portrait and maybe gun

What’s it been???

3years I’ve asked jokingly about Kv2?

Now we get it for real and I WAS NOT expecting it!!!

Yes, I’M HAPPY!!!:smile:


i can only assume the silence about this is because darkflow hasnt done anything in regards to the steam release and just abandoned it

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Btw. With introduction of Chi-to, Chi-nu should be finally put to lower BR. Chi-nu is definitely not a BR4 tank stat wise.


And above all, Kv2 will strike fear on enemy hearts :slight_smile:

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I’m exited about possible dday event or something

It got the mg in the turret too!


The German 88 is also a nice surprise!