Urgent Paratrooper Changes

Problem: Paratroopers can make too much of an impact at the start of a match, especially when multiple players choose to deploy them at the same time.
Solution: Add a spawn delay of similar duration to the aircraft spawn delay, and/or significantly distance the spawn point, and/or allow fighter planes to spawn at the beginning of the match.

Problem: Paratrooper aircraft are difficult to intercept with aircraft, and don’t have visible markers.
Solution: Add markers to paratrooper aircraft and move back the spawn.

Problem: Paratroopers are not visible to enemy aircraft from a reasonable distance.
Solution: Increase render distance of troops in the air (but also ground pls :pray:).


Sure thing. Sale is off, it is a perfect time for a silent nerfs :ok_hand:


Relevant here too


Paratroopers are only clouding the skies whenever there is a shiny new one, but as time goes on they become much less common and you see them only once in a while. Even then you can still wipe them the moment they touch the ground. I’ve wiped Paratroopers that basically spawned on top of me

I think they should make the planes spawn further away BUT they should NOT notify you they’re coming. It would make their drops much more impactful

And I will say that personally I never drop on top of objectives. Usually behind my team or on the flanks. Gives me a little time to get my bearings.


When playing with others you can still overwhelm the objective. Also, if I can’t bomb the enemy when they’re loading in, why should I be able to build rally points behind them? It has more effect in my opinion.

Sounds good.

We all do, except that sometimes one team hasn’t full loaded in or is setting up in which case you can snatch the first point.

Nothing good.

They drop from enemy plane = their plane needs to be marked with a red triangle and a crosshair for aiming.


Agreed, I honestly thought they were bugged. I personally understood Burrito’s use of the term “notify” as an active mechanic such as an announcement. But I believe that a marker should definitely be added.

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Im quite happy without the marker. As long as the audio cue on the ground is good, and you can wipe the squad before it jump in the plane I would be happy.

the plane itself flys straight and level and always in the same direction. Very easy target. IMO no lead crosshair or marker is fine. perhaps a little more time to target.


Firstly, it’s a bit weird that they are the only planes in game without a marker. Like I’ve always thought they were bugged. And, the marker wouldn’t make much of a difference to ground interception, seeing as the planes are already quite easy to spot. The main benefit is more accessible interception by enemy aircraft. I’ve often been made aware of paratroopers only to never find the plane, or only after they’ve already deployed. But, this is also made worse by the short travel time and short render distance of troops. I agree with the point that you should be able to wipe the squad if you deal enough damage to the plane.


I honestly don’t care we left Normandy broken for how many months with the allied paratroopers and as soon as the Germans destroy a bot farm in Tunisia we all suddenly care and things magically happen for some reason and we still want more things to happen to them.

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I happened to post it now after noticing the short render distance making paratroopers invisible from the air. Then I’ve added some other ideas I’ve had before to strengthen the post. I also generally just take a long time to post my ideas to the forums.

The paratroopers have already been nerfed already they don’t drop as fast as they used to so now you can just mow them down if you have a good automatic weapon or machine gun nest set up.

I think they should remove the circle crosshair when fighting planes. Make it so we have to know how to shoot


My suggestions were more akin to QoL changes. I think that the general balance is okay. They are still capable if you don’t land right on the enemy.

That’s gonna increase the skill floor and I will be invincible. :sunglasses:
To be honest I think they should do a live test with this and see how it affects the balance.
Might as well remove the penetration indicator while we’re at it.

I also think that as well


Yeah that lead indicator gone would be good for dogfighting.

Or at the very least, make only show up at very close range

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That too. I think it makes the combat worse. Fights could potentially last longer without them. Good for game play

Well that’s just convenient the Allied paratroopers of Normandy don’t have that problem because they have range weapons while the Tunisian ones are meant for close quarter combat.

Normandy Paratrooper: that’s where you are wrong