Some suggestions after the test server

  1. Add filter to squad selection. I have 100+ squads and try to find my flame squad and it is really painful to see squads with zh29 and fg42
  2. A better idea, remake the squad arrangement system. Instead of having 100+ squads, allow players to just “Create squads”. And add limite that unlocks with upgrade. Like can have 2 assult squads if player unlocked assult squad 2. And for special characteristic like allow engineer to take assult rifle players can choose to add these charactristic to the squad
  3. Stop have random stats on soliders, Or allow players to “train” these soliders to reach maximum stats.
  4. I dont see the so called “balancing” people has been telling.
  5. Instead of just show score increase in game, directly show players what each action will give them. Like how much silver rewarded for a kill, how much xp and research xp gain for capturing or destroy a vehicle

First game in test server, typical berlin grinder squad, entered normandy map, and still see bolty and semi on both side. So maybe show the player’s squad level?
second game. normandy ally grind setup. get into pacific(first time really play pacific) Got my 2 para squads.
And just noticed that devs really need to remake the squad selection system. I got 2 sovient mg squad 1 from berlin and 1 from stalingrad. But I cannot get the rifleman in stalingrad squad take avt
Sorry just see the avt it is in the middle of the list instead of the bottom
third game. Berlin sovient grinding set(with as445 engineer squad). Got pulled into a losing game. Not losing 1 capture point. Only have 1 capture point left losing.
Also From the test server I dont see how our existing slots transfer after the merger


How exactly did you enter the test server already?

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Holy duck

Looks like I missed big news

yea you did it really hot in that topic


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I like your idea .Sounds very promising