Paratroopers need to be nerf

Paratrooper spam is very big problem. By the toxic players who come together to form a team. It was very difficult to deal with paratroopers coming from all directions.


Its pretty hard to fight a stacked team if you are a solo full stop.

Thats just how it is, regardless of what they spawn in


There is an announcement in the news about this fix coming up.

They don’t need it temporarily

The paratroopers have already nerf landing speed, and now it takes a long time for your paratrooper squad members to land, making them very easy to be spotted eliminated.

And these squad members will land accurately at the same location, and you can easily eliminate the entire squad with automatic weapons or explosives when they land. They can’t even fight back.


yea i keep getting wipe as a soviet br5 even tho i land behind the enemy (was on train mode) and somehow these guy still see me

really goes to show that you just need to look around


Ironic how such cries appeared only after Soviet paratrooper get introduced. When Germans had few of such squads, nobody cared. Though i understand it, bots which Germans usually play against, can’t note cretinic hypocritical balance

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I often got warned by squadmates that “skies are falling” or burned paras as German flamethrower. Just brain usage, kinda difficult for arcade random though

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from personal experience i just keep my ear out for plane noise and then i look at my team to see if they are using plane and if they are not and there is no enemy plane then i start looking around to see the sneaky paratrooper

but yea sometime i just focus on the fight so i understand that