New enlisted ... disappointment


so I tried the new enlisted and… i don’t like it, the country system with every uniform, units, and weapons mixed together no matter the front or year of deployement is a mess… End-war prototypes weapons in early war deployement, italian units mixed with germany in normandy, and more … this totally breaks the immersion for me.

And every player will play the same weapons in every maps (i see it coming…assault rifle for everyone)

and the new tree progression system… unreadeable for me…

do you guys like it?

  1. The uniforms are organized by campaign profiles, so there will be no disorganization with the uniforms
  2. the br was not implemented, so the test server only returns those who are in the gamequeue

i don’t dislike it

i suppose i’ve grown to be indifferent…

like, it became just one giant campaign that you need to unlock no matter what everything. in war thunder style.
but, that’s understandable as having multiple campaigns, wasn’t sustainable in the long run.

and ,should be relatively balanced. so kudos for that.

but if i have to be objective,
the prices have somewhat doubled for the xp that you gain ( mostly for newer players )

and you don’t get much from selling weapons. ( not before, and most certainly not after ).

i really, really didn’t liked the new so called

which it’s both a fucking joke by how terrible it is ( outside the new additions for italy, DAK uniforms & Uk troops ) and almost nobody really wanted / ask for it in the first place.

especially when the community explained from time to time the distain for preset system.

you have mgs / smg?

good fucking luck getting the pouches what you need on the torso that you want with this piss poor selection.

like, the dak uniforms were really needed. and i’m glad we got those.

but that’s almost about it.

they removed other cosmetics from the live version.
for example, you are no longer able to use certain allied cosmetic equipment.
or, any volkssturm uniform. you have to leave them at default ( which in the live version, there were at least 2 type of uniforms. one green, and the other brown ).

and in other instances, the customization it self doesn’t make sense with class type / older campaign limitations.

for example,

  • italians uniforms do not work on stalingrad ( the irony ).
  • speaking of stalingrad, devs still didn’t separated stalingrad winter with stalingrad autumn maps. resulting in sniper squads still using white uniforms in urban enivorement or helmetless options in the tractor factory.
  • you cannot use medic coats / helmets onto other medics outside the base medic squads because for whatever reason they do not have those outside the base squad. same goes for white sniper pants from the sniper squad.
  • it’s a ww2 game, germany do not get gray uniforms.
  • inability to change for example, gold order tank camouflages.
    resulting in using a panzer IV F2 with desert coloration in the winter / forest.
  • no customization of bikes
  • you cannot use normandy paratroopers in berlin, or vice versa.
    which, i made an entire luftwaffe preset but i cannot use because those are separated and not… merged.

and the list goes on.

which i cover most in my feedback:

also… they touched my beloved volkssturm uniforms and removed the selection in berlin.

that, i really, really didn’t liked.

so yeah, in terms of realism. it was to be expected it would bring the opposite.

and to conclude, perhaps harsh judgement of things that will ( hopefully ) change.
i’m just a bit disappointed by all the devblogs which have been changed through out time.

and… from the test server, the long awaited equipment selector for customs hasn’t been introduced nor even really mentioned. or… any customs improvement at all.

all of this to say, the more i played today on the test server, the more i realize how badly PVES are needed for my sanity in this game.

fuck all the people who runs around with meta weapons and 3 effing panthers.

in conclusion, despite this half rant, and as stated, i’d give it a 7.5 out of 10.

good, but could have been much better.

at least, in my opinion.


Good analysis. I’d give it a 6 out of 10 for pretty much the same reasons you gave. It’s a good update and I’m really excited for the merge, but there’s still some major issues, namely:

  1. Economy is an absolute joke. Game earnings and prices are horrendously out of balance. Even for an F2P game.
  2. Customization is a joke. Why can’t you get British/Italian soldiers? Seriously, it’s unbelievable that they aren’t in their own factions, and it’s even worse how they’ve alternatively been implemented.
  3. Squad limits should be a thing. People shouldn’t be able to cycle through planes, tanks, paratroopers, flametroopers, etc.

Generally speaking, this is only the beginning, there will be a lot of corrections, we will adapt a bit to the new reality and it won’t be that bad.

but personally, the problem is that enlisted is more and more focused on solutions designed for a specific group of players, to which I am not one, each update basically takes me away from this game and it no longer surprises me, so I got used to it with each update I have to adapt to the new state of affairs


Sure, just don’t expect then fix it in a year though, I mean the bipod issue been in thidms game as long as it existed

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As @Bigote0070 said, uniforms are dynamic. Even if you had an italian squad in normandy, it would just look like any other german unit in normandy and everyone would be none the wiser

I think it was the best possible outcome personally.



I think thoose changes will make me slowly quit the game. Too much nonsense overrall as you said


Welcome to the club


It’s not too late to be able to uninstall the game, and leave this badly told joke behind.

Although there are good things like how easy it is to acquire weapons and items. It is expensive. Not to mention using automatic weapons, well as if this were HLL to complain about “historical”. What is good is made bitter by poorly made ideas. I don’t know if I’m the only one who believes that the br would make enlisted almost a call of duty because the truth is that it seems that this became a call of duty. Although it is not bad to have some balance between veterans and rookies, let’s not lie, being able to kill a guy who has a Thompson with an MP 28 or with the Kar 98 or a pistol is not impossible. I have even murdered people with guns or weapons that are not targeted both in places with little space and in long spaces.

The truth is, things like having weapons that you didn’t have in campaigns because they were at high levels were already cool, at least to transfer to other campaigns or the perks, that you could only choose one of each and you had to pray to Saint Peter if you wanted it to be your turn. the one you wanted for the soldier you wanted to use.
For my part, I think that there are things that are good, but that others should be fixed and seriously before putting in gold weapons. Because if not, this game will be like War Thunder and the truth is I don’t want this game to become that shit.